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... I have this same issue....sometimes it accompanies a headache....sometimes there it does not. Sometimes, I do not feel stressed at all. I just wake up and the vein is already pulsating visibly. ... (3 replies)
... months ago, a friend pointed out that there was a big vein on my head. I went home to investigate and surely enough, there was a vein running from my hairline, through my right temple traveling to my ear. Besides being aesthetically unusual, I'm a bit concerned about it. ... (0 replies)
... Recently, my vein on my right temple has been pulsating a lot. It happens to me through out the day and sometimes if I put my hand over it, I can feel the movement as well as see it in the mirror. ... (3 replies)

... t carry enough pressure to even pulsate like arteries do. unless you had something like a fistula happening there you should not have a pulsating vein. are you having any other actual 'symptoms" to speak of or do you just notice this pulsation from time to time? ... (1 replies)
... vein in temple is pulsating usually when im stressed but can go on for hours, i feel no pain but can feel it moving,my girlfriend can almost see from adross the room is this normal? ... (4 replies)
... blood supply is restricted due to vasoconstriction it will cause more force on the blood vessels as the fluid is trying to flow through which could give you the pulsating sensation. I'm not a doctor but I will be attending nursing school this year. This is just my two cents. Good luck! ... (4 replies)
... lillybell, went to doc today she told me that our temple problem is caused by stress she said the more you think about it the more its going to happen,she said when it happens to try to redirect to something else. its not going to hurt us hope this helps you out i feel a little more at ease!! (3 replies)
... me to !!! all started dec 1st. been to emergency room twice and they told me i had fluid behind my left ear, did a cat scan found nothing, i do have a complete physical jan 30th hope to find something out then it drives ya crazy and all i do is worry about it. mine is off and on to daily also i get a little naus but that probably could be nerves (3 replies)
... if this has been a thing that kind of comes and goes,it wouldn;t hurt to just buy yourself one of those home blood pressure kits?they are pretty reasonably priced these days and you can buy them at like any drug would be interesting just to be taking a normal morning,midday and night BP to just get the 'baseline" BPs when this is NOT occuring then take them again at... (4 replies)
... i get it to the doctor told me stress will do it !! it causes me stress !!:dizzy: ive had it off and on 3 years hope this helps (4 replies)
... how are your normal blood pressures running?you might want to just bring this up to your primary at your next visit and have him evaluate it a bit more closely.Marcia (4 replies)

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