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... I had two babies in 2009. both healthy and full term. five weeks after my last one, i start experiencing a pressure on the right side of my head kinda around my temple. I felt drunk and it completely incompacitated me. it even made my jaw spasm because it felt like there was so much pressure. ... (1 replies)
... In late June, after a CatScan and MRI, I was diagnosed with a Half a centimeter cyst in my brain, in my nervous system. ... (9 replies)
... won't take me seriously. I've had bad experiences with doctors who even when they are trying their best to help can't seem to think outside the box. ... (0 replies)

... I've been struggling with some sort of wierd head pain for over three weeks now. It is mostly a bad pressure in my whole head, but occasionally I get really bad sharp, shooting pains in the right side of my head. I also have been having severe dizzy spells. ... (3 replies)
... A lot of this is interesting to me. Yes I do get pain in my teeth from time to time and it is usually when the pressure is really bad. ... (58 replies)
... bone infection in tmpl, sinus nerves near ear. ... (5 replies)
... ere was no pain at all...just the vision that time I had a slightly abnorml EEG and that is common with migraines.Diet played a significant role in that also... ... (58 replies)
... Drink some coffee, take the Benedryl and put ice on it. If this does not help, than it might be a migrane after all and I use Imatrex to take the pain away. The pressure can be awful and painful. But this should help. Remember, I am not telling you what to do, only what has worked for me when the doctor's have failed to help me. ... (5 replies)
... I take Benedryl Allergy HEADACHE PRESSURE RELIEF capsuels everyday. Sometimes I can't tell if I have a migraine or a sinus headache. But these pills sure do work! ... (5 replies)
... runny nose when I had the bad pressure and went to a sinus specialist dr. and was given was just tremendous head pessure...and it cleared up in 24 hrs and I took the full course of the antibiotic... ... (58 replies)
... I went to my neurologist the other day because I have had really severe pressure in my head. Almost to the point where I cant take it anymore. ... (5 replies)
... I'm 33. I've been dizzy since I was 16. I always feel off balance and sometimes it feels like I am wearing a helmet and there is pressure on the inside of my head and ears. I have no pain at all, no headaches, no spinning sensation. I now self medicate with alcohol every night, alone. ... (12 replies)
... Hello All, I too suffer from the pounding noise in my head. I have had this for about one year now and some days, especially at night when I go to bed and lay my head down the "noise" level in my head is unbearable. ... (19 replies)
... I don't know that I would always call the taste salty, but yes I do sometimes get an odd taste in my mouth along with unquenchable thirst. ... (65 replies)
... I seen the post with the guy who has the head pressure like you...why can't the drs. figure out what is causing it? ... (58 replies)
... I really appreciate this, scout. Yes this was another idea I've seen mentioned from time to time. Just curious, though, is this patient someone you know in real life, or someone you corresponded with online? ... (65 replies)
... basically the idea is that for some reason, my blood vessels react in a very exaggerated way to any increases in blood pressure. ... (65 replies)
... It should be noted that, soon after I began taking Paxil, I noticed I would get intensely euphoric effects from doses of caffeine in excess of 100mg. ... (4 replies)
... so you still have the head pressure going you have any idea what your blood pressure is? ... (58 replies)
... Hi there, I have very similar symptoms to what you describe. The pressure is the main problem, like your's, sometimes it gets so intense it feels as if my head will explode and it is impossible to concentrate on things or think about anything but the pressure. ... (7 replies)

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