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... feels like I lose strength and I have a strange jello feeling weak tingling feeling in my arm from the elbow down and cannot grip anything tightly with my hand and have trouble making a tight fist. ... (3 replies)
... sleep, and I've had problems swallowing I also get really bad headaches with it and I can't really say they're headaches because its more like a stabbing on the right side of my head and these attacks get so severe I have to lie down and sleep before I feel better. ... (0 replies)
... oblems that in the past. They sometimes hurt beyond belief especially when doing stairs or bending over a lot. It feels as if there is a 50 pound weight on the right leg especially. I've been having a lot of headaches that seem to wake me in the very early a.m. hours. ... (4 replies)

Brain tumour worry
May 16, 2011
... Interesting.... I have all but 4 of the same symptoms. I'm worried about a brain tumor as well. The reflex's symptom caught my eye because I have that problem too on one side. But I also have Cushing's symptoms so it could just be a pituitary tumor related to that. One bizarre symptom I've had for a while is that I rarely have a sense of smell. My kid is in diapers and I... (2 replies)
... i have had my reflexes tested by doctor and was told it reacts quicker than normal on the right side. ... (2 replies)
... couch and awoke with a migraine headache. I took a Vicodin first but the pain progressed. I took an Imtrex. I felt bad all day. I had wicked back cramps over the right shoulder, I couldn't even sleep, big knots formed around the shoulder blade. I had tingling in the area around the shoulder blade, pins and needles feelings. ... (0 replies)
... I have these spells that start off with my right eye dropping, numbness, tingling, weakness all on the right side of my body. My speech starts to slur, my heart starts racing and I fade out. ... (4 replies)
Anxiety and ALS
May 13, 2011
... ngling sensations in my face and especially around my lips. This gradually extended into the tongue. I also began having a burning feeling in the cartilage in my right ear, as if it had just been flushed with warm water. ... (0 replies)
... stiff neck and shoulders worse in the morning, sometimes my neck feels so weak I can't hold up my head, swollen lymph nodes neck and right arm pit.. ... (15 replies)
... stiff neck and shoulders worse in the morning, sometimes my neck feels so weak I can't hold up my head, swollen lymph nodes neck and right arm pit.. ... (3 replies)
... numbness, no weakness. etc. I was able to come off of 3 prescription medications treating my symptoms. The only complaint is that I have nerve damage now on the right side of my skull. The doctors say that is will get better with time. ... (16 replies)
... speech, the weakness pretty much is not as noticable, but the confusion is much worse. ... (3 replies)
... weakness spread to include my right leg. A pelvic CT showed no more hemangiomas, and no occlusions. A full body scan showed nothing abnormal. ... (5 replies)
... I had many of the same symptoms as all of you in 1995. It started with a terrible headache and a weakness in my right arm and leg, and when I woke up in the morning, I had paralysis down my whole right side, my face drooped, as did the corner of my eye. ... (71 replies)
... Thank god the paramedics were right there when my body went limp and I lost my ability to talk and walk. ... (0 replies)
... st thing when I move my head around. When I move my head up and down it feels like seeing sand flow through and hour glass if you can imagine this. I also have weakness and pain of my right arm and leg. Most days I have a constant nagging pain in my arm and leg on the right side. Can anyone tell me what might be going on. ... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone, I'm Amy and I'm 25. I just came across this part of the message board, and had a few questions to see if anyone could help me out. I'm currently seeing a neurologist (only seen twice so far) for visual disturbances. I get these "episodes" where my peripheral vision seems to become closer in appearance to me than it really is. Neurologist says it's an atypical... (0 replies)
... feel like they're giving out. numbness in right arm. blurry vision. ... (1 replies)
... in the right of my neck, behind the eye and into the centre of my head. ... (0 replies)
... mouth burning sensations as well as weakness in right arm. We were told it would be a long recovery but now wondering how long. She has had a lot of anxiety with this illness also but this has calmed somewhat. ... (5 replies)

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