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... In a way, I'm relieved that it doesn't directly point to a neurological disorder, but in the same aspect, if my injury was almost two years ago, wouldn't I have experienced most of this sooner? ... (5 replies)
... y now I have them nearly constantly. Originally the condition has started with overwhelming fits of nausea, salivation and mental confusion that would envelop me in waves, last for several hours and disappear almost as suddenly. ... (9 replies)
... Please help... Im a 23 yr old mom, who's husband is in school full time and works. Life is pretty stressful with no one to help me during the day with my son. I started noticing symptoms about a month ago. I get headaches on the sides and back of my head that lead down to the neck. ... (0 replies)

... Try getting an MRI if possible cause that could tell nerve things. I have somethign 'similar' and the ears ringing is a symptom, I suppose the one thing u mentioned that got me attention is the thing at the base of the skull. ... (3 replies)
... I have had an unknown disease for many years. No doctor seems to know what it is. The closest I have come to a diagnosis is my family physician telling me I may have a pinched nerve in my inner ear. ... (3 replies)
... Give it a little time. It could be just a bug. It does not have to be a brain tumor. Check your blood pressure. Make a list of medicines you are taking and check the side effects. If your symptoms don't go away soon then I would go back to the doctor's and he may refer you to a specialist. ... (5 replies)
... It's a full blown buzzing , tingling,then throw in the pins and needles and the electrical shocks ,chronic spasticity and you have me.I'm in an attack,that has not lessoned for 4 days.To add to it ringing in the ears and blurred vision in the left eye. ... (33 replies)
... I have gone through 2 yrs. of tests for this. I finally went to a chiropractor for an adjustment. I'm all better now. It may sound crazy and too simple but it's worth the $40Try it. (2 replies)
... Hi let me just start, I'm 17 male and about 5 months ago I got a weird vertigo dizzy attack in the back of my head. I never had this and it lasted like 30 seconds. Everything was normal until next morning when I woke up so fizzy and nauseated. ... (2 replies)
NO help out there
Oct 23, 2007
... (14 replies)
NO help out there
Oct 23, 2007
... You have enough combined symptoms with, ringing in the ears, flashing light in eye, pressure in head, left arm weakness. but there's so many things that can happen in there! ... (14 replies)
... en I was only 18. I don't want to discourage you because there was little known about dizziness or vertigo when I first had my symptoms, thus I lost hope. Quite the contrary for you, I think there's lots of hope for you, so please don't use me as an example. ... (19 replies)
... I would not agree or disagree because I can only guess with what you have told me so far. It only makes sense that your injuries from the accident are the cause to me, since you didn't have this problem before. Is the ringing the ONLY problem you have in the head area? ... (17 replies)
NO help out there
Oct 12, 2007
... ss and lack of good sleep. Then I began to have abdominal fullness and pain. But it was upper and lower abdominal. Then I was like ok this is weird time to go to the doctor. So I had some tests which showed I had H. Pylori and severe varicosed veins in my lower abdomen. Then a ultrasound showed I had a huge gallstone.. ... (14 replies)
... Conservative Dr's is very common when it comes to Chiari. But going to TCI, if you go that route, will help you better understand whats going on and put the pieces to the puzzle together for you. ... (6 replies)
... I'm wondering if someone can possible help me with what's going on. ... (5 replies)
Lump on head
Jan 29, 2006
... I have a hard lump on top of my head, I remember feeling it a few months ago but recently i've been worrying about it more. Doesn't hurt but I do have ringing in the ears and facial pressure recently. I also have been stressing a lot about this and school. Just wanted to know if anyone can help me out with what this might be. ... (0 replies)
... I would feel very out of it while these spells were going on. About the time I started having these spells I always remember asking my mom Does it sound like I am talking fast to you because everything was moving faster to me. ... (4 replies)
... I posted a thread a while back about these weird "fast forward" sensations I get. I thought I was just crazy or I was the only person on earth who experienced these. ... (0 replies)
... ide ears from time to time,strangest part I've lost circulating thought, loss of feelings,emotions its a mystery to the drs ive been to so far If you could maybe help or know someone who could that would be great,ive tried alternative practioner routes shaman,distant healing as well. ... (10 replies)

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