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... l which im afraid to take. He said he wanted to keep the fire down so the flames wouldnt get higher on the BP. Now to my question...Ive always had some type of sinus problems, my nose has always been stuffy in one or both nostrils... ... (0 replies)
... I am having this weird feeling in the left side of my face for about 3 weeks now. Its a tingling feeling on the left side of my face and in my ear, doesn't hurt and I don't have headaches or any other strange systems. ... (0 replies)
... At first I was freaked out by the symptoms because carcinoma cancer has a special face tingling phenomenom as its symptom which is usually following a meal, drinking, or any excitement. ... (71 replies)

... The one thing that jumps out at me here is you've struggled with anorexia in the past. This can cause gradual malnutrition, so it suggests what you may be suffering from here might be a vitamin/mineral deficiency. The description of your symptoms is consistent with B12 deficiency, but this is just a suggestion, there's many things that can cause your symptoms. You should... (9 replies)
... right now it is like the top of my scalp is tingling and burning and my forehead and my chin feels numb. ... (9 replies)
... pains, generally speaking of the sinus, neck, face, eyes, jaw, tmj, ear, shoulders, traps. "Headaches" throughout the cavity and in different areas of the head, face neck region. It affects these neuromusculature regions. ... (22 replies)
... first I have sinus problems...and whenever I've had a sinus infection that was really bad...I couldn't lay down,because the pressure was tremendous...just like you described. ... (9 replies)
... Can someone please HELP ME!!! I have been having problems for over a year now. It all started 1 year ago. I had dizziness, clogged ears and rapid heart beats. I was told I had panic attacks/anxiety attacks. I was put on Ativan for 6 Months and developed an addiction to them. During that 6 month period of time, I developed intense pressure and pain in my head starting in... (6 replies)
... My Dear scout How are you going today? The weather here is fabulous it is gentley warm and the birds are singing the garden is blooming we live on the coast but on a bush block so there is so many birds just lovely I have my children on holidays although it finishes to day so all is well........ How did you go on your research it is good to be sneaky at... (52 replies)
... rain is not my friend!makes my joints ache and sinus act up....not fun at all! ... (52 replies)
... AKMARTIN, I was a bit surprised to read your posting. I was discovered to have an Arachnoid Cyst in the posterior fossa and then I realized that 15 yrs ago no doctor informed me of having seen a Mega Cisterna Magna from an MRI then. I have been struggling with a lot of sleep problems and the sleep study found no abnormalities, I kept on telling about my problem with... (4 replies)
... thinking I might have a sinus infection. However, I did not have the usual nasal symptoms or a headache, just pressure. ... (4 replies)
Facial tingling
Nov 16, 2003
... I'm thinking it might be just allergies or a sinus infection? ... (2 replies)
... In my early 20's I began having tingling in my right leg. I was dealing with something very traumatic so my Dr was quick to come to the anxiety conclusion and I was given an antidepresant. ... (8 replies)
Need help
Nov 7, 2011
... out of the blue my heart would start racing so of course I went to the ER lots of times, have been diagnosed with sinus tachycardia and given bisoprolol 2.5 mg to take once a day. ... (1 replies)
... Have had alot of different symptoms recently and they are scaring me. I can't afford to see a doc and need some help. -Dizziness -Anxiety about the whole thing (I'm prone to it) -chest pains (sometimes) -generally feeling "out of it" (This is whats bothering me the most) -Tingling in arms and head/face -Pressure behind eyes (sometimes) -Ringing in ears (driving me... (0 replies)
... I am new to these boards and I hope I can find others that can give me some advice. A bit about me - up until recently I was in good health. I am a 44 white female, mild migraine sufferer (6-8 a year when hormones and barometer collide). I typically saw my md once every couple of years for a physical and only for the odd drop in if I needed to renew a prescription for... (8 replies)
... i get the same mate...together with pressure in ears and sinus and throat weirdness...........feels like shifting in my head........headaches and feeling of panic etc...sometimes.... ... (5 replies)
... Hiya, I had a brain MRI/MRA done and a C-spine MRI done separate times for the same reasons. Anyways, the c-spine mri didn't say much accept for "right posterior lateral disc protrusion extending into the entrance of the right lateral foramen" and it also says "Posterior Fossa and Brainstem, no Chiari malformation." The Brain Mri says differently.. It says" There... (0 replies)
... After reading your most recent post it sounds even more to me like TMJ. You certainly would not notice yourself clenching and grinding at night because you are asleep. The fact that your teeth are losing enamel and shortening should be proof that this is in fact taking place. Another would be if you feel very 'stuffed' and achy in the morning (due to the fact you've been... (71 replies)

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