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... there and I just want it to go away. Sometimes, it's itchy, and when I wake up, I don't seem to feel anything at all for a few hours and then I start to feel the tingling later on in the day. This isnt a headache... ... (1 replies)
Twitching Temple
Sep 29, 2004
... With that, I've also developed an electric tingling like a band around my head. It's more pronounced in the forehead and I'm getting occasional twitching in my right temple, now. ... (4 replies)
... When the temple ache went away about a day later the left side of my face went numb,my scalp was numb and tingly and my left arm was numb. ... (2 replies)

... D can irritate the nerve that goes from your spine to your temple and the rest of your face. ... (4 replies)
... At first I was freaked out by the symptoms because carcinoma cancer has a special face tingling phenomenom as its symptom which is usually following a meal, drinking, or any excitement. ... (71 replies)
... About 6 months ago I began noticing an uncomfortable tingling sensation in my left ear. It wasn't painful, just annoying. It lasted for a month or two but has since disappeared... ... (10 replies)
... strokes are not necessarily caused by blood pressure. (3 replies)
... I know it's not a stroke as my blood pressure is only 110-120/60-80, just wondered if it might have been Anxiety or a possible headache of sorts, it's not a migraine as I'm never sick or nauseous with it and the headache doesn't throb either...the tingling is only confined to my upper right cheek/temple...and I've had it for the last 3 days and painkillers do nothing for it at... (3 replies)
... I have recently been feeling lightheaded with tingling all over like I am going to pass out. I have to sit down right away when it happens. ... (4 replies)
Twitching Temple
Nov 9, 2004
... I have lyme disease with two tick borne coinfections called Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis. I have had twitching of my face muscles and weird tingling sensations and stiffness in my jaw. I do not remember being bitten nor did I ever have the bull's eye rash. ... (4 replies)
... Sometimes, I fall asleep on the corner of my couch or my desk and cut off the circulation to my head, then I wake up, and feel the blood rush back to my head, my temple pounding like crazy. ... (7 replies)
... back in September all of a sudden I had right temple aching not really too much pain for about two weeks straight but then shortly after I developed numbness and tingling in left side of my face and twitches also in arm. Doc doesn't know about my face but I have a pinched nerve in neck and back. ... (1 replies)
... and also i have a lump on the back LEFT side the same side as the temple pain and the leg and face numbing and tingling this is hard lump it is part of my scull but i was think very badly and weird and worring and thinking its a tumor growing into the scull making it exspand.... ... (0 replies)
... ptember I collapsed in the street. After that it got so bad I could not walk anywhere and got to the point where I could not stand without nearly fainting. I had tingling in my face, hands, went blue in the face, had foggy head and a tight pain in a horizontal line across the back of my head. It was very frightening. ... (47 replies)
... Another weird to explain, but basically, lets say I have an itch on my abdomen area...I scratch it...and feel strange tingling sensations down my legs!! Usually the leg on the side I scratch, but sometimes both. ... (1 replies)
... tingling sensation on the left side of my head, going from the temple to about 3 or 4 inches across and also up diagonal to my eyebrow. ... (5 replies)
... lt table test. I passed out after 14 minutes. I have been put on anti seizure, beta blocker, and other meds, none have helped. I do have constant numbness and tingling in right thigh and arm at times. ALso right side weakness is now present at all times. Please help if you can. ... (4 replies)
... I have been suffering from tingling and then numbness to the left side of my face. I have been to the ER and had a CT scan that came back fine. I've also had bloodwork done that came back fine. ... (0 replies)
Need info
Dec 22, 2010
... but I only worked out 10 min. ever since then I truly never felt the same. I feel kinda normal but then again I don't. I had a pain on the side of my temple like someone punched me but it went away.. ... (0 replies)
... Hi! Yes, I agree that it helps to be able to talk freely to someone about these concerns and be able to ask any question(s). Plus get some insight from another's experience, although each person's experience will be slightly different. I apologize if I caused you any worry about an LP. I just wanted to give you a heads-up about it so if they do mention doing one, you... (51 replies)

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