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Brain zaps!!!
Oct 2, 2007
... For years I have been having these brain zaps on and off. My neuro said they were partial simple seizures due to a severe head trauma. Along with the zaps I also had migraines for years, so my GP dr. prescribed Stadol nose spray for the pain. ... (0 replies)
... I have been on Paxil for almost three years. I started having brain zaps or electrical rushes the last year or so. I searched online and decided to get off the Paxil as it seemed to bother many. I was on 30mg and am now down to 10mg. ... (0 replies)
... ike to ask a question. For about the last week or two, I've been feeling these strange sensations in the back or sometimes top of my head. It feels like little zaps of electricity shooting through. It happens many, many times a day and only lasts for a second each time. ... (5 replies)

... yes I take many supplements as I'm more into natural therapies than drugs. I do not feel that anything I take would cause these "zaps". BTW, I haven't had any zaps for quite a while now. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I'm not new to this health board, but have a couple of questions that I'm not sure where to post. I've jumped around the board this morning and "Kamden" seems to have a lot of experience and answers. I hope he sees this post. I am a life long sufferer of TMJD. That's where I usually hang out on this board. I am 50, I have had multiple surgeries for this problem. All... (15 replies)
... r this and couldn't find anything wrong, after receiving fluids his BP went back to normal. After being put on Lexapro at nights and using Ativan for stress the zaps stopped almost completely, but he still gets "tingles" frequently. ... (0 replies)
... vits can cause the kind of zaps you're talking about, as well as peripheral neuropathy and a decline in mental capacity. It might be something to check into. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Lynx, Thanks for your reply. I've posted here before and on other boards and rarely get a response. Just knowing someone cares enough to write back really helps! I do have a lot of other symptoms and my primary care Doctor thinks I may have Fibromyalgia. I just wish I could find out FOR SURE what's wrong. Then I could learn how to live with it. It's the not... (5 replies)
... Regarding getting off of meds.... Twice I've "moved" off of meds, and I hope this will help. First, I took Paxil for a month, and it did absolutely nothing for me except side effects (mostly sexual). However, while I was on it it gave me the electrical brain zaps. And then my doc put me on Effexor after the Paxil didn't work. But for about two months I continued to have... (7 replies)
... Hi, Could you guys please describe these brain zaps? I get something like that too, but not very often. The last time I got it I was in a store and all of a sudden it was like an electric current went through my head. It made me feel very lightheaded-almost like I was going to pass out. They usually only last a few minutes, but are definatly scary. hilery (8 replies)
... You poor devil, only time will take care of your current electric status. Hang in there and soon you'll only be reminiscing about suffering. I promise you that. (7 replies)
... aking antidepressants. Please don't ever start taking them unless you think they are mandatory! I've been tapering down for months and I have buzzing inside my head constantly, dizziness, my hands and lips are tingly like they fell asleep, stomach upset, etc. etc.... ... (7 replies)
... I am new to this site and found it by searching the net for a reason why my brain "pops" or "zaps" once in a while. Most of my search results were tied to withdrawal symptoms from various anti-depressants, but I've never taken any drugs (except birth control pills). I read Sweetpuffs posting and found her experiences were the closest to mine. I'm a non-smoker, non-drinker... (10 replies)
Aug 12, 2006
... For a few weeks, I've been feeling strange sensations on one side of my head. It comes as a little zap and it feels like something is moving around. The doctor said it's muscles, but that doesn't seem right to me. I've been doing some research and found out that Xanax may be causing this. I've been taking it to help me sleep for 2 years - could it suddenly cause these symptoms? (0 replies)
... golfmom: I joined the list to look for things just like you mentioned. What it is, I don't know. But I know that I experience the same things that you do. "zaps", "jolts", "shocks", whatever that come and go real quickly. All the research I've done says it's not serious. Brain tumors have much more debilitating symptoms, and these things are not debilitating, just... (10 replies)
... What about a clicking sound in the head, I had this problem when I tried to get off of paxil. I've been taking it for three years, I've tried several times to get off of it, but the withdrawal is so bad I can't stand it. (8 replies)
... bipolar med called serqouel it put me to sleep for 3years straight. then i suddenly stop it cold turkey and i dont sleep for 3 weeks, then develop weird zaps in my head, elecrical zaps, and all tightness in every body part,. then it felt like my head was filling up and i was going to have a stroke. ... (5 replies)
Nov 28, 2007
... grabbed my attention as it pulsed but not with my heart beat it had about 7 seconds between each pulse.....if you ever tried slendertone it was like that.....the head zaps and eye flips seem aggravated by the tv and computer or if i stare at an object while thinking.....they seem to be getting milder tho still frequent..... ... (8 replies)
Feb 28, 2008
... over the last 2 wks the eye flips and zaps did increase again and just leveling off now... ... (8 replies)
Feb 8, 2008
... ive been fairly ok, the zaps have not gone but not as severe at this time thankfully, still experiencing some muscle twitches, have just caught head cold from kids hope it doesnt affect zaps....hp you are ok... ... (2 replies)

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