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... I arrived home from work today, to hear a message from the Radiology Center where I had my annual Mammogram 2 weeks ago. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone i'm shelly. I'm 40 yrs old and I had a baseline mammogram last year with normal results. ... (4 replies)
... to a place 1 hour away and have the diagnostic spot compression mammogram and the ultrasound. I was very lucky and it was small and went away by itself! ... (2 replies)

... e 1. She starts her radiation therapy this month in fact. My aunt also got called back because of some of the films did not turn out as they wished. She had a 2nd mammogram and she was perfectly fine. I guess you do not know for sure until you get up there and have another mammogram. ... (10 replies)
... I am 40 yrs old and I went if for a mammogram and now the dr wants me to go back for another one on my left breast, an ultrasound and i have to get a shave biopsy. ... (4 replies)
... I went back last week. This second mammogram was different, it compressed the breast areas harder. They sent me back to the waiting area.... ... (3 replies)
... I've been doing my mammogram exam every year for the last seven years since I turned 40 -- for the last two years with the advanced technology of digital, and it has always been normal. This month I just had it done and a day later I was called to come in to have another one done next week. (Only for the Left side). I was told that this is not uncommon to have ait redone... (3 replies)
... Update: I had my 2nd Mammogram/spot compression done along with an ultrasound - I just got the report today which states "your recent breast exam showed an area that we believe is benign (not cancer). However, in 6 months, you should have a follow-up to confirm that this area has not changed". What exactly does that mean? I hate having to read between the lines on... (4 replies)
... action, but failed to communicate with ME about my mammogram results. Now back to my having called the family physician's office today at 8am...I received no response. ... (9 replies)
... of breast cancer in our family. She did not even know she had a lump until she went in for a routine mammogram. They saw the lump and told her come back for a 2nd mammogram and ultrasound. It was after this 2nd mammogram that they did 4 biopsies. She has stage 1 cancer that is organized. ... (3 replies)
... also was a 2nd one after 8. ... (3 replies)
... up mammogram due to an abnormality in my right breast. Needless to say, I was panicked. ... (5 replies)
Jun 8, 2013
... and my doctor called this morning to tell me I needed another mammogram and ultrasound due to retroareolar asymmetry in the right breast and central asymmetry in the left breast. ... (0 replies)
... last year and they found a lump that concerned them. they had me come back in and they did Another mammogram and an Ultrasound. ... (6 replies)
I need help!
Nov 2, 2009
... s indistinct the Bl was 0 I think that is good, it's the indistinct that I'm worried about. My Mom had BC she's fine now. I've been waiting 14 days now to have a 2nd mammogram and US. I think I've had about 4 to 5 mammogram in my life time. This nolude wasn't there last year and can only be seen on 1 view. ... (0 replies)
... Many will argue but I think it's NO coincidence. Yes, this aunt is still alive but is a vegetable and is just now turning 80. She didn't need a mammogram to diagnose the cancer 15 years ago, in fact mammogram did not catch it, and the cancer clearly was not a killer or she'd be dead by now. ... (3 replies)
... You have breast densities and suspicious calcifications.... this definitely (in my opinion only) warrants a surgical biopsy. If they are benign (and most are!) then that will be wonderful and will have been worth going through the biopsy for the safety and peace of mind. You do however, have to keep in mind that you do have a FM HX of breast cancer and that a biopsy would... (3 replies)
... I had a mammogram about a month ago, it came back with 2 areas of concern, I had the 2nd mammogram and ultrasound, same thing, I had an apt. ... (5 replies)
... up views. I waited five years before having another mammogram and I did bring the old films to the new radiologist. I never was told that any type of calcification was something to be alarmed about. ... (3 replies)
Abnormal mammogram
May 24, 2014
... Had my 6 month follow up mammo, and the calcification is stable, so she said come back in 6 months to do both sides and ultrasound. I have a copy of the films, and I can see another calcification has formed, but was not told of it. I decided to take all my films to a breast surgeon for her review and an exam. She seemed positive, and agreed that I should go back in another six... (3 replies)

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