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what were the results? I hope everything went well for you and that you won't need a biopsy. but then again, I'd rather wind up having a biopsy either way.
I want to know for sure without a doubt that it is not malignant.
yeah, insurance companies.
they usually want the patient to go for other testing FIRST, then they'll pay for you to have the MRI if an ultra sound was peformed first.
I used to work in a doctors office and I was the one that had to call to get authorization for our patients.
thank Goodness they permitted you to have it.
now we're waiting to see what happened.
hope you get this reply.

thank you for explaining the negatives positives and how common it is. it's all getting twisted and confused to me. the false positives, the negative positive, etc.
its' all mind boggling.
I finally went for the ultra sound. I had to wait soooo long for the radilogist to come in a do the exam herself after her technician had already done it.
that's what she does with every single patient of hers.
I just found out too that my breast surgeon always orders an ultra sound before a biopsy too.
the technician couldn't see what the MRI picked up so I thought I was going to be home free from having the biopsy. so when the radiologist doctor did the exam herself, she found it right away. the technician watched her perform the exam as well. this way she learns more.
the doctor said that if I hadn't had the MRI, that anyone could have missed the lesion what the MRI picked up. Plus she has a well trained eye being she's also the director of this facility and her years experience doing this.
she also found something in the left breast as well. but stated that she thinks the one in the left breast looks like it might just be benign because of the shape it but wants to make absolutely sure and will biopsy that too.
so I'm going to have the needle core biopsy, not the fine one, and it will be bilaterall. I thought I had to make the apptn. with the radiologist doctor for the biopsy so when I went to the front office to book the apptn. the girl asked me what type of biopsy. I was surprised the dr. hadn't gone to HER first so I didnt' have to tell her.
now I know why.
I made a mistake.
I was supposed to just have the ultra sound and then call my breast surgeon to let her know I had the exam and then we'd go from there.
so I'd already made the apptn. w/the radiologist and the girl told me to call my brst surgeons office to tell them about a script that will be needed.

so you can imagine my confusion when my breast surgeon wound up calling me two hours later after I got home stating that the radiolgist and her spoke and both of them agreed that I need a biopsy and she said lets make an appointment. that's when I told her I already did and it was for June9th.
they couldnt' fit me in earlier because a bilaterral takes 1 1/2 hour slot.
the girl didn't want me to wait this long but I told her it's ok. I had no other choice and that if someone cancelled to call me.
anway, the dr. said she couldnt' believe the radiologist was trying to steal her patient away from her.
I was SO embarrassed that I caused all this ruckus.
it was MY fault. not the other doctor.
I finally got a chance to explain this to the surgeons office this morning when they called me to set up another date becasue we cancelled the biopsy w/the radiologist. so NOW it's going to be peformed on June 4th at 9:00 a.m.
finally. a set time.

the surgeon explained to me in detail what will take place. how they're going to put in a needle to numb my breasts, which will be guided by ultra sound biospy. they'll make a small incision, take out the samples, then put in titanium markers for future use if more surgery will be needed.
this way she'll know where the exact spot is, being it's difficult to see it, they'll put a bandaide on each incison and then I can go home.
easy isnt' it?
then comes having to wait for the pathologist to read it.

did you have any instincts or feelings that yours was going to be benign?
I wonder if woman have instincts?
I just read somewhere that there are no symptoms if it's caught early.
that's the whole purpose of doing more extensive imaging so that it can be caught in an early stage which means a better course of treatment and a successfull rate of recovery.

I'm a little nervous about this I have to admit.
after all, I grew up fearing the word breast cancer. because it used to be that breast cancer was a death sentance. but now with all the new technology and new treatments and early detection, we dont' have to feel that it's the end of our lives if we wind up getting it, right?
I'm right on this, correct?

oh well, at least I finally got the ultra sound performed and now know whether I needed the biopsy or not. that part was really getting to me.

I'll be back to let you know what happened.

till then,
take care of yourselves.


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