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Hi Kitty,
I find it to be one of the hardest things to do is to "not go crazy" over a lump or cyst or what ever a growth they want to call is in our breasts.

Are these cysts, or cluster,perhaps "lymph nodes"????
because lymph nodes can appear fluid filled in an ultra sound, right?
so it would make sense to me that maybe the surgeon couldn't aspirate it at the time because maybe a more extensive biopsy needs to be performed?
it's just a thought. Maybe a lymph node needs to be biopsied with a different tool than the one he used and maybe that's why it didn't pull out any fluid?

They say it's such a very small % that lymphoma ever winds up being in the breast. but there are certain forms out of the 30 different sub-types of lymphomas that grow and go back down. The less dangerous forms do that.
they call it "wax and wane" when it enlarges and goes back down from time to time.

you also asked that if the cyst went down, does that mean the lump also went down? I would think that if the fluid is what enlarged the capsule that the fluid is inside of, it would go down. to an extent or maybe all together. I"m not sure how to answer this question?

but I can totally understand you wanting to ask questions when you're going through something as serious as this. you don't want to take this lightly.
That's why we have these boards to come to. to come and talk and share our concerns and fears. so please don't feel awkward asking questions or just wanting to come and talk about it.

I am relieved to hear that you're going for a follow up ultra sound this Friday. Please let us know what happens. I am also relieved to hear you're going back to the dr the following week. Will the dr. call you and let you know the results the same day or next day of the U/S?
You can call him the next day if he doesn't call you the same day. depending on the doctor and how busy he is.

May I ask what other type of breast problems you had? did you have any fibroadenomas? and if you did, what did they recommend you do?

did you ever consider asking your surgeon if he'd refer you to have an MRI of your breast? Just to be on the safe side?
I find that the MRI would be able to see more than the ultra sound would.
and it seems that more and more doctors are using this choice of modality on woman who have breast problems.

I do NOT trust the mammo's and ultra sound by themselves anymore. There are certain forms of cancer that dont' show up on them. but they do on the MRI's. so I think anyone with a history of problems should also have the MRI performed as well. but then again, I'm not a doctor and doctors don't like when the patient tells them what to do.

I"m going tomorrow for my 2nd ultra sound but by a different radiologist than the previous place I went to a few weeks ago. The radiologist wants to perform it herself and then wants me to get a biopsy performed because the MRI w/contrast showed a 2cm, growth, besides both breasts also having what they think may be fibroademas and or a benign proliferative condition, plus enlarged lymph nodes in the breast.
I have such a long story to share about what happened but I think i"d have to start my own separate post on it. You and I both have our apptns' a day apart.
I"m here for you kitty if you want to talk about it.
that's what this forum is for. so don't feel funny.
I did at first when I first joined them here, but I don't feel that way anymore.

Hang in there... Friday will be here before you know it.

Good Luck hon.



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