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Hi everyone,
Back in June a nurse found a lump in my breast. My family doctor back in Canada had me get an ultrasound which came back normal and showed no lump. She asked me if I wanted further testing and I said no and she was fine with that. This weekend I felt it again but now there are several lumps that I noticed (although one is more distinct than the others). They are in both breast, smooth and movable. The largest one is about the size of a pea while the others are shaped more like a contact lens (flatter). I saw a new family doctor down here in Florida. She felt lumps in both breast and sent me for another ultrasoun. Again, the ultrasound came back normal. She now wants to just watch it and did not recommend that I see a specialist. She thinks I just have lumpy breasts which is typical in people my age. I don't think the original lump that was noticed in June went away, I think it has always been there (maybe the others were always there too). I'm not sure if it has grown over the past 8 months but if it has, it hasn't grown much. I would say the lumps are firm but not rock hard. It somewhat difficult to distinguish what is normal tissue and what is a lump. I'm 25 years old and I tend to have health anxiety so I'm not sure if I am just being paranoid. My question is, should I follow the advice of my doctor and sit tight or should I push for more tests (maybe a biopsy)? My insurance will not cover an MRI until after a biopsy is performed. Any thoughts or advice on this subject would be very much appreciated. Thank you

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