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Thank you. My husband keeps on saying it is nothing and he agrees with what the surgeon said. I made another appointment a month ago with another surgeon and my appointment was supposed to be tomorrow and they called and cancelled a couple of days ago saying he had some unexpected surgerys and wanted me to come in another whole month and I just couldn't wait that long. I have been worried to death. of course I guess I make myself worry more because I google lump under my armpit. But I just want to have a biopsy where I can have peace of mind. I want to know either way. I had a hyterectomy when I was thirty and am on hormones and I know that can increase your chances of getting breast cancer. My husband though makes me think I am crazy for worrying about it. But this is my body not his. And if the small chance I have cancer I would rather go ahead and get treatment instead of it progressing more.
I completely understand your angst! I almost see a tinge if girl-guilt but if you are worried, you can't help it. Until you get the explanation of "WHY" & "WHAT'S UP" this worry will be with you.
Yes, I did have breast cancer and found out when I was 59, in 2006. It was early stage, I went through treatment and am perfectly healthy. As my picture shows, I returned to my passion in life which is horses. This photo was taken about two months after I had finished chemo. (I am still bald under that helmet of mine) Of course, as a celebration, I entered a horse show with one of my mini horses.
I think why I am so adamant for you is because I was mis-diagnosed. The breast center told me my mammogram was clear. I found a lump 7 months after that mammogram and my breast cancer ended up being a 2B. If if would have been found at that mammogram check up, it would have been even smaller. So.... I am all for anyone to keep digging until they get an explanation! Now... this is NOT to say you are looking for breast cancer. I think your problem probably stems from some kind of virus condition BUT your worry is affecting your quality of life and peace of mind. You need some answers. I think you are getting the impression from those around you that your worry is being dismissed as silly. Your gut is saying you still need to find some answers. This is your body's means of survival. Do not keep apologizing because you have a basic human instinct to LIVE. You ARE doing the right thing... you need to find out why you have these swollen lymph nodes and the "cyst". You just put on those "big girl warrior panties" and go get your answer. I am cheering for you! Hang in there, take care, Sharon

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