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Hi everyone! Now, to be perfectly honest I feel silly even being nervous, considering for now, I know nothing more than that I have a breast lump.
I was feeling incredibly positive, genuinely so, up to the point of my second examination when I expected my GP to say "It's all OK, nothing to worry about" but instead she said "You will need a mammogram, ultrasound and Biopsy on this"

I am 32 years old and have one ten year old son. I am otherwise well and healthy. I found this lump almost 7 weeks ago, on the outer side of my right breast, toward the armpit. At the time I thought it felt like a gland. My GP checked it and asked me to come back immediately after my menses, which i did. By this time, the lump was a little larger, fixed, and feels quite bumpy or "furry" to the touch (I am aware this could just be overlying tissue). There also seems to be some smaller moveable lumps above it, closer to the armpit.

I have been very confident that there was nothing it all to worry about, but for some reason the last few days I am actually beginning to get quite nervous! I know we can know nothing at all until these tests are done, but I suppose that I just need to feel like I can talk openly about it somewhere, without worrying family or friends. I actually feel incredibly silly being nervous at all, the odds are well and truly in my favour - I am young, no family history, otherwise very well, and I know the statistics, and all of the other things it is more likely to be, and yet there is this tiny seed of concern inside me.

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