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... Well, I stopped freaking out and the lupectomy is over. There was a lot of prep work and while getting that done, I heard many positive things about my doctor. So, felt better about that decision. ... (14 replies)
... Thought when he removed lump, that was a lumpectomy...have 2 go have car serviced...running late...catch you later..need to talk w/u more (8 replies)
... a little different than my proceedure. They did the biopsy first and like you, said they got the original tumor out. But they wanted to schedule an MRI and the lupectomy to get any other cancerous areas around the original tumor and to get what they call "clear margins". ... (8 replies)

... Sounds somewhat similarc to my situation. I did not find the lump or did anyone else. It came up on routine mammogram. I am surprised that they want to do the sentinel node biopsy without first an MRI and possible lupectomy. Did I miss something here? Still it all sounds very positive, although it will be scary for you, while you wait for all the tests and results. ... (8 replies)
... It has been 2 weeks since my lupectomy and the breast is till slightly swollen. Everything looks pretty good though. ... (3 replies)
... Sorry you are going through this, Scarlitina. We all remember those early upsetting, numbing, information overload days. Personally, I felt a lot better after the biopsy and then after the lupectomy. It wasnt bad as I feared and I was finally doing something. Go ahead and let yourself feel numb and the fear. A better day will come. I chose not to tell people and... (7 replies)
... Thanks, It does help me heal quickly. I was back at work in 48 hours and walking the next day. Hope all have a good weekend. (14 replies)
... Hi Beepie, I know just how you feel..but I also tell myself that because I have and do take care of myself..My body is better able to heal and fight for me!! So I keep up with my healthy lifestyle and figure I am doing the best I can for myself, and showing my family how much I love them by doing what I can do to survive.I too went for counseling when I was first diagnosed,... (14 replies)
... Cancer is tough to accept for sure. Especially because I always did everything you were supposed to do regarding your health. I ate right, exercised, didnt smoke or drink. Have all the required tests. It is hard to accept the randomness and that nothing I did or could do, saved me from getting it. Talk about loss of control. eechh!! And I still have all the... (14 replies)
... Beppie, I realized after 5 mons. I needed some "cancer counseling" so to speak. We have Cancer Services and they are absolutely wonderful. They have meetings and actitives for all cancer survivors. They had a 6 week class called Survive and Thrive...Drs. were there for one session and you could ask as many questions as you wanted..but the best thing were the people...their... (14 replies)
... Thanks, Ladies, I went to work today. Was a little tired, but did okay. Bought some more surgical tape. I like this stuff. The next time I wear a strapless gown I am going to use the tape instead of those uncomfortable strapless bras. So back to somewhat normal. Had to tolerate a mini-tantrum from the owner here. That is the down side of no one knowing. You would... (14 replies)
... Hey Beepie, I am home for a short visit before heading away again and saw your post. Just want to say that I hope you are feeling better..and hoping for quick healing!! gentle hugs beepie, cj. (14 replies)
... hi beppie how are you doing? Hope that you are feeling ok after your op.Hope that the pain has settled a bit for you. Thinking of you best wishes phyl41 (14 replies)
... Well I didnt make it outside. Was already to go and excruciating pain from the incision. I had taken off the dressing, as I was allowed to do, and took a shower. But, it felt like the incision was pulling open so I taped it back up. I had a small piece of surgical type tape. Had to take another 1/2 of a pain pill, which hacked me off. I dont like the foggy headedness... (14 replies)
... I know, sleeping in that bra is sort of like sleeping in your clothes. I don't remember how long that lasted, but was glad to see it go. Getting out will help...I can't stand to lay around. Are you going to do radiation? I know you were considering doing the type that lasted a shorter time. I am interested in how that works. Take a nap this afternoon. (14 replies)
... Thanks for asking, Jezzie. A little fitful on the sleep, but made it. Feeling more clear headed today. Hope to walk a little later. I am used to be active and lying around makes me stiff. Wearing the bra 24/7 is the most annoying thing right now. But, a small issue, comparatively speaking. (14 replies)
... Glad you are feeling ok...isn't it a relief now that it's all over?! The report sounds positive. Take it easy the next couple of days. I know they told you the do's and don'ts....I drove the next day...wasn't surpose to, but was careful with my arm. Let me know how you feel tomorrow.....the best thing is that the worst is over. Hope you sleep. (14 replies)
... Thanks for thiinking about me. I will hold you positively in my heart and prayers too. Hoping for good news all around. (14 replies)
... Hi Beppie: I wish that I had more wise and wonderful things to say but I can only just worry with you. I had my stereotatic biospy yesterday and they told me that they may have prelimary results today. I really don't want to know the premlim's I want to know the whole scoop. That may be on Monday which is really soon, I think. Please take care and keep in touch. (14 replies)
... And I am freaking out a bit. I ended going to the second opinion doc and facility and they arent as "hands on" and "touchy feely" as the local hospital. So I am wondering if it was a mistake to go to the big medical school facility. I am having some concerns about the sentinel node testing but have not heard back from the doctor. I have concerns they will be over... (14 replies)

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