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I've had stomach pains for months now (6). I'm 19 years old, I wouldn't say I'm healthy and I am malnourished. I'm 5"10 and only weigh 52kilos. I have bad anxiety and keep it to myself. I hardly eat because all I think about is there's something wrong with me (cancer mainly).
Ever since my stomach pains I've had 3 blood tests, I was low in iron and then the last one I was slightly low in wbc. Then I'm worried about feeling lymph nodes EVERYWHERE. Side of my neck, under my jaw, 4 in my groin, collarbone (mainly left side). The lumps are not more then 2cm and I can feel 3 in the triangle part of my collarbone, and can move it all the way infront of my collarbone. I had a panic attack today because I found a boney lump at the end of my collarbone where it meets the shoulder on my right side. It's on my left side as well but not as protruding out of my skin, it's like a boney lump on that bone. Doesn't move.

I've have an abdominal ultrasound and it was fine, no lesions or anything. No sign of 'lymphadenopathy'. Fecal test was fine. I had a recurring uti but that's cleared now. Idk what going on with me. I had a migraine too, so they ordered a ct scan of my brain which was fine, but I had an osteoma in my front nasal. I have 3 impacted wisdom teeth for a year.
I'm going insane, everything I read online is stories of Hodgkin's lymphoma. I don't have night sweats, I hardly sweat at all.

I have spoke to one of my doctors about the lymph nodes in my neck, (but not collarbone as I never noticed it yet) and he basically laughed that I thought I might have lymphoma.. He then let me feel one of his lymph nodes of the side of his neck that he said has been there since he was 10..

Please someone help me understand what might be happening, it's not mono because I've been tested for it.

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