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Almost 3 months ago I noticed I was starting to get short of breath doing everyday chores like making the bed etc. I can't pick up my 2 year old most days. I made an appointment with my new primary care but because I was a new patient they gave me an appt for months out. In the mean time about a lil over a month and a half ago while in the shower I noticed a lump below my ribs, I was worried but I already had an appointment set up so I just waited, then on April 17th when I was drying off in that area it felt like the lump was moving when I was pushing slightly down to dry off. I went to the ER. The ER doctor felt around and said she felt a Lipoma, I told her she wasn't feeling in the correct spot that it was a little further left but she left out of the room and didnt come back. They did no scans or anything if that nature.

While waiting for my Dr appt I notice O can feel something there without touching the area. If I am just sitting down I can feel it, its not painful just uncomfortable, like feeling something in your body that isn't supposed to be there. I avoid touching it because it worries me and I don't like how it feels. Its like when I push it, I can feel it touching other things inside my body and it freaks me out. I have a very hard time describing how it feels.
I had my dr appointment today, the dr said he didn't feel any Lipoma in the area the er dr felt it but he did feel something in my upper abdomen exactly the area I feel it in. He ordered x rays of my chest and my ribs, he said to make sure he didn't miss what the er dr said she felt and he ordered a cat scan of my abdomen without contrast. The paper work says scan for upper left quadrant abdominal mass. I am worried out of my mind! I had the x rays done directly after my dr appt at the hospital and the lady who did them really freaked me out by the things she was saying like, "I will make sure your dr gets these today" when I asked her if that means something bad she said no its good that you know what's going on and then she asked me if I had a follow up appt with my dr and when it was. I have the ct scan set up for 6:00am Wednesday morning but my brain is going non stop. I feel like I want to run back to the er for a ct scan right now. Another thing I think is strange is in my rib area on my back level where the lump is in the front there is numbness for about 7 or 8 days now. I have only had this feeling 1 time but it was on the right side. The chrio did an xray and he said it was from one of my ribs twisted and thats what was causing the numbness. I haven't had this feeling in years and now suddenly its back and at the same level as the lump. I also feel it kinda on my side as well just not as noticed as the back area. I feel like I'm in a nightmare :(

I am 35 years old and have smoked
for a very long time. I recently changed over to an e cig.

Has anyone been through something similar? I am really scared.

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