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I'm curious about something. Has anyone ever had a cancer diagnosis based on something being off in your blood work?

As an example, maybe you went to your doctor because you felt really bad with no explanation. The doctor decides to do blood work as a precaution, but something is off in it, some value(s) are abnormal. So the doctor thinks further evaluation is necessary. This evaluation (whatever it may be) leads to the discovery of cancer. Has anyone had this experience? If so, could you please share what the diagnosis process actually was?

I've only known two people who had cancer and the one person (Grandpa) was so secretive that no one knows how the diagnosis came about. The other person's diagnosis came from a routine mammogram, but thankfully the cancer had not spread. She had a mastectomy and that was all the treatment she needed.

I did have a cat who had cancer. Something in her blood test was off eight months before the diagnosis. I think it was something in the CBC that was abnormal and something in the chemistry (GGT maybe). Her diagnosis only came about following an ultrasound because she had been gagging and regurgitating food and medication on a regular basis. She had nodules deeply embedded in her throat area that were starting to obstruct her throat and airway. The cancer had already spread to her lungs. Eight months earlier she had a non cancerous tumor removed from her paw. We (the vet and I) often wonder if the results of that biopsy were wrong.

I suppose I'm just asking because I often wonder how a cancer diagnosis comes about. Especially in cases where routine ultrasounds and other testing are not done. Like bone cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. A person (or animal) could potentially be going around with undiagnosed cancer for months or years depending on the type.

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