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[QUOTE=butterflytrans]Hey Joe...well, I have another suggestion...I'm not sure where you live, but in Canada, what you might do is go to the ER, and then you can get an ENT consult by whomever is on call. That way you can at least get assessed to see how urgent your situation is.[/QUOTE]

Thank's for the excellent suggestion!. I just called the hospital's ER and was told that they DO have an ENT there that could be called in if the doctor thinks it's necessary so this is GOOD!. Also, they said that there really were'nt too many people there at all right now and that noone had come in with the flu lately. These things are also good so hopefully, I will at least get some kind of idea if I am in any imminent danger and if so, perhaps get to see a specialist while I'm there or get some tests, meds, etc. Well, I'll take a face mask with me and hope for the best. I have to wait for my friend to get home before I go. I will let you all know how it went and thanks again for all your wonderful help and many suggestions!:)

UPDATE (3 hours later)...

Well, I just got back from the ER and after a thorough examination, the doctor told me that while she did see some leukoplakia, there did'nt appear to be any tumors or other suspicious areas or malignancies. I asked her about the lymph node under my chin that has been slightly swollen (but not hard) for the last 3-4 years and she said it could be from my sinusitis/rhinitis or that lots of times a person can have an infection as a child and the lymph node gets clogged and just stays that way permanently.

I asked her about the mild tingling/numbness in my lower lip when I move my jaw from side to side (a bad habit I got into) and she said that it was perfectly normal because there is a nerve there that gets pinched off if you move your jaw around like I had been doing. She said I should not do that because it could cause my jaw to become even more sore and that it would cause inflammation. She said the other lymph nodes under my jaw were pretty much "unremarkable" and were nothing to get alarmed over. She gave me a referral and we talked a little while longer and I left.

Oh...I also explained to her that I had been taking Celexa and was'nt sure wether the metallic/alkaline taste I had a few days ago was from that -or- if it was from oral cancer because I had heard that oral cancer could cause "taste alterations". She smiled a little and said "look, you really need to calm down and relax". I asked her why the metallic taste seemed to be coming from the hinges of my jaw and she said that this is where it usually comes from because you have salivary glands in that area and that it can take several days for the taste to go away (which it pretty much has in my case).

Anyway, unless I edit this post, I guess that's it. I still have to call the ENT (this other one) on Monday so I'll let you folks know how it all goes. Wish me luck!!!:)

- Me

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