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Chip had a throat infection. Consequently, I have been advised to wait for a month to have a true reading of his blood work.

Due to the build up of medications in his system plus the just completed antibiotics for the throat infection. It is a wait and see thing.

We are going to another doctor tomorrow as recommended in order to deal with his "special needs" as it may appear that the diagnosis of his special needs is also being questioned. . . he is so highly functional and his level of intelligence is so analytical.

Whatever, the outcomes. I place it all in God's hands.

How are things your end?

It is great to see you again!

It's good to hear from you. When was he diagnosed "special needs"? Was it around the time his initial cancer was found? I am sure you are on pins and needles waiting to know. How are you feeling?

You ask how things are at my end. It is getting so HOT here that I don't even want to walk out to get the mail much less get all dressed up for a wedding. We are counting down, only a few days now, 4 days away and then they are going to Hawaii for 9 days. They have ask me to read a poem, makes me nervous. I am not comfortable in front of a large group.

Hope to hear from you soon with good news.


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