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I have had vocal cord cancer, and discussed it as best I could in the thread "Diagnosing Throat Cancer" below, beginning on about page 12 or 13 of that thread.

I had 33 radiation treatments, but no chemo. It's been seven years now since treatment without recurrence.

Hope this helps.

Hi :bouncing:
I had throat cancer and mine covered three quarters of my voice box. I have a thread called Cancer survivor. If you want to know anything else just ask.
Hi! Did any of you with vocal cord or voice box cancer start with your voice getting high pitched in the middle of a word or sentence, then progress to no voice at all sometimes? I have posted before about my mother and the suspicion of throat cancer. Her ENT did the scope down the nose. He said her throat looked okay except that it look really irrated as did her vocal cords. he sent her for a barium swallow, and a cookie swallow. The barium swallow showed that her esogaphus has contractions, whatever that means. Her cookie swallow is today. Last week was a really bad week for her. Her voice was gone most of the time, her throat was sore, and talking was such an effort that it exhausted her. She had a hard time getting enough oxygen (her words) when she would breathe through her mouth or nose. I have done alot of web searching and her symptoms sound like lung cancer, and that it is paralyzing her vocal cords. This is the only connection I can find to her voice changing to a high pitch. If she forces herself to talk in a very low pitch, it doesn't go away as much. Does this sound familiar to any of you who have gone through cancer. I want her doctors to do a cat scan, do you guys have cat scans? Yes, she is a smoker, has been for at least 40 years and continues to do so. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Paralysis of the vocal cords, as I understand it, primarily stems from cancer of the larynx. Her ENT has evidently ruled out throat carcinoma by direct examination. What you describe with your mother's voice changes or failure in mid-sentence is probably due to irritated vocal cords.

The cancer on my right vocal cord mostly caused me to become very, very hoarse. It felt like my voice had turned to mush (best way I can describe it).

Esophagus contractions are normal, I believe. They tend to become weaker with age.

The inability to get enough oxygen could be due to any number of things. Emphysema, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, or pneumonia are among the possibilities, but this could also be due to panic attacks or anxiety.

From what you describe, I would guess that her voice problems stem from a very sore throat and very irritated vocal cords.

And of course everyone knows these days that smoking is bad for a sore throat. And 40 years of smoking is a lot. But admonishing your mother on that subject is probably not going to be well received. :^)

Hope this helps a little.


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