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[QUOTE=SamQKitty]Have they done any tests regarding her heart? It's possible she could have congestive heart failure, which is a chronic condition that gets worse gradually. Don't be too alarmed Dad had CHF for over 20 years before he died. In CHF, the body also loses its ability to move the lymphatic fluid around efficiently, so it tends to collect in the legs. And, yes, walking is actually good for this!

Did you discuss with the doctor what tests were taken and what she thinks may be going on? Does she recommend any medication (such as diuretics to reduce the swelling)?

At any rate, this definitely does NOT sound like cancer.

It sounds from your post like your mother has lymphedema. This is common in cancer patients due to the lymph system being "stopped up" either from having too much fluid to move or from medications used to treat the cancer. Some surgery patients experience lymphoma from excess tissue being removed and the lymph nodes as well. Since you have not mentioned any surgeries, I will have to guess that she has had some surgery as well as some radiation or chemo and that will cause all of those problems as well as being immobile due to recovery time.

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