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I'm 53. I have had the exact same thing happen to me. It started about six months ago out of nowhere. I even have about 15 total lumps. Lower abdomen, thigh, back and right forearm. My doc says the same thing, lipomas. But nobody has an answer as to why I've gone 53 years and wham, suddenly I have all of these things multiplying.

I had ONE on my right lower leg when I was about 13 and the doc told me it would probably disappear and he was right.

When these first began to appear a doc other than my regular doc ordered complete blood work and all was normal. I had anticipated a high white blood cell count but that was not the case.

My regular doc referred me to a general surgeon and I will have a consultation with him next week regarding a possible biopsy. I'm pretty much planning on demanding that he remove one for biopsy so I can get some sleep. I lost my Dad to cancer (colon cancer with mets to liver) last summer. He was 92 but he was my Dad and it caught his doc by suprise. Of four siblings, a younger sister has had ovarian cancer at 45 and that's about it.

I've wondered about environmetal issues like my occasional exposure to ionizing radiation (mostly gamma) while I worked at a high energy particle accelerator from 27 - 42 years of age. We took normal precautions to shield ourselves from radiation sources and my body film and ring film badges were always fairly low doses but I did occasionally get dosed by benchtop emitters whic interestingly and quite probably coincidentally at waist height.

What do you do for a living? Have you ever had sustained exposure to chemicals or radiation?

I also don't feel 100% either and I'm normally a very active, 6'4", 230 pound go go go machine. This winter I've just kind of been a veg.

I also have some localized pain in my right lower leg and a burning sensation centered in a 5 inch swath across my abdomen from side to side. On a scale of 1-10 the burning is about a 3-4.

The lumps have not been painful though.

For these things to come out of nowhere so suddenly and multiply so quickly I would imagine that there must be some sort of abnormal chemistry to trigger this supposed lipoma growth.

I'll post after my consultation next week.

Ron S.

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