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Night sweats?
Mar 29, 2002
Hello everyone. I'm just curious. Are night sweats a symptom of any kind of cancer? I'm a 34 yr. old female and have night sweats on and off for the past 4 yrs. I've had every possible test in the world done and no doctor can find anything wrong. When all this started, I did have an MRI done and my doctor (then) said I had a tumor on my pituitary gland and sent me to a neurologist. The neuro. said that there was nothing wrong with me...that the MRI was misread. Now these night sweats are to the point where it's every night-all night. It's driving me crazy and wearing me down. I have finally talked my doctor into testing my hormones (again-after 4 yrs.), but am not getting the test done until next week. You would think that if I had any kind of tumor, that, after 4 yrs., something else would have happened by now. Right? What bothers me is that my dad died from lung cancer (he was a HEAVY smoker). He had had prostate cancer also, but had been going to a cancer center for treatment for 4 years. He had to go once a month for a shot(that was to keep the cancer isolated)and for a check-up. We only found out he had lung cancer after he started coughing up blood one day. His cancer was too far gone to operate. He was going to a cancer center once a month for a check-up!!!! Why didn't they detect his lung cancer?!!!! I asked one of his doctors that question. His response? "We weren't checking for that particular cancer." Does it not show up in a person's blood work? Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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