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I have been ill for sometime now. It started off with my legs and feet constantly swelling. Everyday I would go about my tasks and at the end of each day. I would be so burnt out. There were plenty of days, I didn't know if I were coming or going, until one day I became so sick, I knew in my heart, something was seriously wrong. Without any health insurance, I contacted Rhode Island Hospitals Free clinic. After month and month of testing, they still haven't a clue to what was wrong with me. I had asked my doctor, when I first started going to him, to please give me a pap
smear test, because I haven't had one since I was in my late teens.

Because of something that had happen to me, when I was young, I never went back. I could not seem to trust another doctor again. The doctor that performed a pap smear on me years ago, hurt me so bad, I bleed for weeks. I just could never get over the fact that, when I was up on that table and I asked him to stop,
he hurt me even more. Being afraid all these years, really put a damper on me.

Now getting back to my present doctor, Instead of giving me a pap smear test, like I asked, he wanted to perform other test on me first. The different test he wanted me to test for all came back pretty much, negative. I went for test for my heart, my liver, my kidney's, my lungs, I tested for everything, but what I went there for in the beginning for. I know my body and after 47 years, I pretty much knew what was wrong. It had to be a problem with either my ovaries or within that area, because of the constant pain in my back and lower stomach area and the constant painful swollen legs.

I stated going to him in May 8, of this year and it is now in mid September. He finally did a pap smear test on me approx. two month ago and it came back, that I tested positive for the HPV virus, but the thing that concerns me is that he
told me, it is of an unknown origin and he now would have to do a DNA test to find out what unknown origin it is of. Can you help me understand what is going on with what he explained to me. He also had me diagnosed with Lymph edema, and now says, I do not have Lymph edema, but that my lymph vessels are blocked.

I have been reading about advance stages of cervical cancer. It says that, when your legs swell as in my case, as bad as mine are swollen and with the pain I am experiencing in both my back, legs and feet, along with other related symptoms. It pretty much points towards the advance stages of cervical cancer. I am so scared. I am only 47 and do not know where to turn. I have a office appoint. Oct 2, 2002. He is going to give me three options to choose from and the next testing he thinks, I should go for. What do I do? He hasn't seen me in over two months and when I called for pain meds or anything, he tells me to go to the emergency room located in my area.

When I go, they tell me there is nothing they can do, to see my prim. doctor. He is my prim, doctor. I am very frustrated. Do I just sit back and take it slow with him or try and find out ASAP what is going on inside my body, before it to late. The last time I called him for something for the pain, his comments was, you are a puzzle, all your testing came back pretty much negative, so I do not know why you are in so much pain. When I question him on his finding concerning HPV virus, his remarks were. Until he does DNA testing and finds out the origin of this virus, there is nothing he can do for me right now.

As far as my swollen legs and feet and my 2 bulging discs in my back, which came back positive for @ L4-5,L5-51 HE TOLD ME TO TAKE ASPIRIN. i HAVE TAKEN SO MANY ASPIRIN, i ACTUALLY THINK I HAVE BLOWN A HOLE
THROUGH MY STOMACH, I AM SO MAD. Any Advise will do, thank you

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