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Hi Dana -
Well, it sounds like you are both certainly going through hell. Unfortunately, cancer treatment can be like that, but if they can get your husband another 5 years, then it's definitely worth it. And who that time they may have a cure!

At any rate, let me address some of the things you mentioned in your two posts today. First of all, ALL chemo is goes through your blood stream to all parts of your body. Ask your doctors to write down the names of the chemo medications for you. Also, ask them to write down the names of the anti-nausea medications and painkillers as well.

I've never heard of anti-nausea medications causing pain, but I'm no doctor. Are you sure it isn't one of the chemo meds that's causing the pain? Some of them do (Taxol is especially noted for causing pain).

As far as your husband "sucking it up", please tell him for me that it is not necessarily a good way to deal with cancer. It's far easier on your body in general, and far healthier to your immune system, if you can get enough rest and eat some of the right foods. If food is a problem, try Ensure or one of the other liquid nutritions that are available. Also, even though painkillers might make him groggy and sleepy, he probably needs the rest.

I'd also highly recommend a support group, if he's able to attend (and you may want to attend one for caregivers.) To find one, ask your oncologist, call all the local hospitals, and/or see if there's a "The Wellness Community" located near's an organization that does nothing but support for cancer patients and their families.

Believe it or not, if your doctors are telling you he may get another five years with the treatment, that's pretty good. My mom (who passed away several years ago) had been diagnosed with third stage breast cancer. No one thought she'd live more than a year, but she lived 8 1/2 years, and they were all good years until the last 3 months of her life. She was on and off chemo almost constantly, but only missed two weeks of work(when she had surgery after first being diagnosed). If the will to live is there, that can be the most powerful medicine, and it sounds like your husband has a very strong will to live.

I'll keep an eye out for your posts, and meanwhile I'll keep you both in my prayers.


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