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got some questions. i've been having pain in my left leg for almost a year now. on and off. there is swelling in my lower leg right on a muscle. they first thought it was a blood clot, but after all the tests it wasn't. they just said it's probably some kond of fatty tissue. there's a little nodule right next to it too. a little tiny ball, i can roll around in there. it's smaller some days and then gets a little bigger other days. they just did an x ray on it and said it's nothing. how can it be nothing?
they found nodules in my lungs too. gotta go in every 3 motnhs now to get that checked. same answers again from docs. it's probably nothing.
and there is a big lump or something like that in my buttcheek, they did a ct scan with dye and said it's nothing. how can all this be nothing? or could it be? is it just me stressing over nothing? i am lost.
i am hoping somebody got some anwers or advice for me. i've been to different docs already. but nobody seems to be too concerned. it is driving me insane.
thanks for listening

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