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Hi Dana,
Well, this is awful news, although not really unexpected. I think you've both made the right decision at this point as far as stopping treatment...although I truly wish this wasn't the decision you had to make. But, since treatment is not apparently working, why should Walter have to go through any more of that?

As far as pain control, perhaps the time is approaching for him to be on a morphine pump? From what little I know of the pumps (and it is, unfortunately, very little), some people are actually able to function quite well on them, and do not end up so sedated that they can't communicate. When all else fails for pain, morphine WILL usually do the trick.

One of the women in my cancer support group was using a morphine pump, and was able to go to work a few days a week and come to group. I think that when you're only dosing yourself occasionally during the day, it doesn't sedate you as much as when you're on an IV morphine drip.

My heart goes out to you, Dana, and as always, you, Walter and the children are in my prayers.


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