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[quote]Originally posted by projapoti:
[b] [QUOTE]Originally posted by teresa26:
yes, i had my annual pap and pelvic exam done in june. everything there was normal according to my dr. and i would figure that if i had ovarian cancer, it would have been noticed either then or during the blood test. is that right?[/quote]
Not necessarily with the pelvic exam as the ovaries are hard to feel, though a large cancer would be felt probably. As with the blood test, not all ovarian tumours are necessarily "functional", so you might not see it then either. An imaging test would probably be the best (other than doing a laparoscope). The doctors for some reason must really not have gynecological cancers as too high a priority on their lists 'cause they don't seem to want to scan your abdomen for some reason!
[quote]wouldn't my WBC be elevated if i had cancer?[/quote]
Yes...usually it is, but it doesn't always have to be!
[quote]i did not ask my dr about abdominal imaging. she is pretty confident that i have a "viral thing" (her words) and she only gave me a GI referral after being bugged by my husband.[/quote]
Don't be afraid to ask these questions if they are bugging's too bad that this possibility has been shrugged's also too bad that they're doing a scope like this on you without first at LEAST doing an abdominal u/s...something that is much less invasive! It really does seem that they're thinking that you probably have some kind of peptic ulcer disease, GERD or something infectious. I should really not say too many things against the doctor's decisions as they are the ones that know your case well....let's see where this goes.


well, he actually did do some hypothesising about why the ovarian pain started around the same time the stomach pain did. but since he knows i will be seeing a Gyn later this month and having a lap done next month, i guess he figured that he'd take a look at the stomach first. he actually said it doesn't sound anything like GERD or an ulcer, but wanted me to try the prevacid just in case (for lack of a better phrase). he said that since the symptoms are worse when i am upright and better when i lie down, that that is really not sounding like GERD. i did ask what he'd be looking for during the procedure and he just listed a variety of ailments that can occur in that area, so he wasn't very specific.

he did mention a CT scan and other tests, but wanted to do this one first because the others would take a couple of weeks to set up. (i was given the choice between a barium swallow in 2 weeks or the endoscopy on monday and since i just want this over with, i chose the endoscopy.) and if nothing shows up on monday, he wants to do an ultrasound of my gall bladder.

he pretty much said the same thing that you did about the CBC. he did mention cancer, but not in any specific terms. just that it is one of the possibilities. but that given my age, that it wasn't a huge probability. (but since he spent a good amount of time going over my lymph nodes, i assumed he was looking for signs of lymphoma. do you think that could be what he was doing?) and is lymphoma always detected by touch? or are there lymph nodes in the body that can be enlarged and go unnoticed? and would those show up in a routine CBC?

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