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[QUOTE=Cymidei Fier]Well everytime i go to the darn doctor he says the bump i have on my stomach is not cancer or the bump in my arm.

The bump on my arm feels like a rubber ball about the size of a dime. And the bump on my stomach is a little bigger and feels the same.

Doc never did no test just keeps feeling them and says don't worry it's not cancer.

I have had these bumps for almost 3 years and i was never ill. But the last 6 months i have stomach pains and my arm hurts from time to time where the bump is not to mention i have chest pains 24 hours a day.

Is there any chance this is cancer? can you get a cyst under ur skin like that?

I am so lost doc say i am fine but i always feel sicks[/QUOTE]

I am pretty much in the same situation as you. Except that I have swollen lymphnodes all over my neck,groin,armpit.. for over 3 years.. I too was never ill, but recently I've been feeling pretty crappy. Constantly feel sharp stabbing pains on my chest (heart area) , lower back. Arm/leg aches.. etc..

I've visited many doctors in the past 3 years.. They all seem to not pay too much attention to it. My last doctors appointment , which was 3 days ago didn' go well. He didn't even pay attention to my problems, instead he consistently tried to perscribe some acne medicine.. (Which i did some research on the net, and is known to be a very harmful medication)

So , I am once again in a quest to find a good doctor. (it's a bit harder for me because I do not have insurance. So it costs me a good hundred or two dollars to see one).

Now, to answer your question.. I am not going to lie to you, there is a definite chance that it can be cancer. There's noway to tell unless you run additional tests.. Especially a biopsy.

I've put off getting a biopsy done for a year or two, because of cost issues and the fact that I've never had surgery and I'm scared.. =X
but I'm getting a feeling that I shouldn't wait any longer. So once I get insurance (hopefully starting 2004), I will get it surgically removed.

I'm so nervous about getting it done, but at this point - the frustration of not knowing the reason for these lymphnodes and feeling sick is overcomming the nervousness...

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