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Re: Cancer In Blood
Mar 20, 2005
[QUOTE=TheManTheOne]I was just curious and maybe could have posted this in a few places
but do any of you know if you had any kind of cancer anywhere in your
body from your brain to your bones, can the doctors find it from just
checking your blood or is there a different test that is done? Or sometimes
can they miss cancer by checking your blood?[/QUOTE]
There are blood tests that indicate possible presence of cancer. One of them specifically for men is the PSA test which sometimes indicates presence of cancer antigens. The CA-125 along with other testing can sometimes predict the presence of gynecological cancers in women. The CEA test which is blood test, will also indicate possible presence of cancer along with other tests to support it.
In the Leukemias, there are advanced blood tests that can be done on cases of suspected leukemias to locate chromosome abnormalities and blood flow cytometry studies. But, to walk into the doctors office and get an ordinary blood test will usually only indicate anemia, high cholesterol or trigylerides. Sometimes the ordinary tests will point towards kidney failures/ liver failures etc. But, again to get a cancer diagnosis, blood work is just a support of other testing. I have personally seen people admitted to the hospital with rapidly terminal cancer and the ordinary CBC was perfectly normal and there were no apparent deficiencies in the different cells. But, none-the-less they did not leave the hospital alive. Medicine is very complicated and there are no pat answers.
Re: Cancer In Blood
Mar 20, 2005
So should i think that i have some sort of cancer even though
ive had like 10 different kinds of viles of blood drawn from me as
well as a urine sample, ekg, thyroid test and which all came back
normal with no hormonal imbalances or thyroid problems and all the
other blood work fine?

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