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I'm 16 years old. About two weeks ago, I discovered my left lower leg was slightly swollen. It's slightly rounded, kind of like the swelling one would get with a bruise. It has also been tender for a few weeks. It is painful when I push on it. The swelling has not gone up or down in the past week.

It has been painful since around the end of April. I remember it already hurting, and then it was made worse when my leg got slammed in a door, right on the area where it hurts. That made it VERY painful for a week after that, and I'm not sure if it's what caused the swelling. When I run my finger across that part of the leg, I can feel a distinct "lump". It does not feel hard; it actually feels soft and gel-like. When I push straight down on it, it has a "crinkling" texture, almost like sand mixed with gel.

I did internet searches and all I'm coming up with are soft tissue sarcomas. Is there anything else that can cause this? I've already been to the doctor multiple times this year, and back in mid-April had an upper GI barium X-ray cause I was having stomach pains and difficulty swallowing. I do have an annual physical in August though.

Does this sound like a soft tissue sarcoma or something benign? What signs should I look out for?



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