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I developed what started out as a cold over a month ago. Since then, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection (treated, no better). Around the same time I developed an unexplained sore in my throat. It grew quickly and soon became the size of my thumb nail. It was located on the left/back side of my throat. At various times it would bleed. It hurt to talk, eat, move my head, yawn, cough, swallow, pretty much anything. Anyway, it doesn't hurt IN my throat as much now, but the sore is still there and my jaw and neck hurts.

I also over the last few weeks have developed severe weakness and tiredness and my body just doesn't seem to be getting better, I feel like my immune system is lacking the strength to get through this. Anyway, I'm so weak that I can't stand or sit for long without hurting all over, then when I'm sitting, I'll just fall asleep. I also have a throbbing/aching pain in my upper chest and throat. I cough over and over, and after a while it tastes like blood (I don't see any come up, but it tastes like it on the back of my tongue). I have been tested for mono, strep, liver problems, etc. I am just so confused and someone said it sounded very much like a form of cancer....could it be possible? Or just someone exaggerating it. It's just scaring me to death to even consider that possibility.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
It's possible that it could be a type of throat cancer what with the 'neverending' sinus infection and a lump, but that's about it. Anything that's blocking your ability to breathe isn't good though. If your doctors can't figure it out, you might want to make an appointment with your dentist, or a nose & throat specialist, assuming that you've specifically had your doc check the sore since it has developed.

Tiredness & weakness isn't necessarily a sign of cancer, but more commonly from the treatment of cancer. Best advice I can offer is to see someone more specialised with the mouth. Best of luck!

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