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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed]Oh, I don't have too much to say on the non insurance issue. It does make me ill that people like my parents, who have worked their whole lives to have a home, savings and a little retirement, are screwed, royally. I know a woman who is in her forties, she works a parttime, dead end job, and she receives medicaid. She just had a 20K operation to have some pins put in her wrist, and she will have to pay NOTHING on this, nothing for her meds, nothing for the doc, NOTHING.
YET, my father, who would not take a nickel of charity, who would work in a gutter to be self sufficient, can't even begin to get some sort of break.
I actually have a STROKE when I think about it.
A STROKE. My doctor actually agrees with the national health program. I have found that I know alot of people who have strictly refused to pay for health insurance, even though they could get coverage. Unfortunately, it is the people like my dad who fall through the cracks and lose everything, and then the people like this woman I am referring to earlier in this post, who are being enabled by the govt to do nothing to improve themselves. In my opinion, it is unfortunate that these social programs in place are being so abused.
I could join you for hours in a rant about insurance and health care in this country, but it would not be very productive and would get me so riled up I wouldn't be able to sleep. I, too, know a woman who is on medicaid and has definitely abused the system, but I figure no system is perfect. It's just a shame that so many people, like your folks, end up falling through the cracks.

As for the origin of the tumor, it is very possible that it DID originate in the adrenal gland. I had a "polyp" in my bladder which was discovered over 5 years ago during the search for a cause of my CUP. The polyp was definitely benign at that time, but this past year it turned cancerous. Luckily, I had symptoms fairly early and it was removed before it could invade the bladder wall.

I will pray that your Dad will get some good news tomorrow, that this is at least treatable, if not curable. Even advanced metastatic cancer can sometimes be kept in check for many years. As for brain metasteses, they can often be treated with radiation.

Let me know when you've got some news. Meanwhile, you and your family will be in my prayers.

Hi Magu,
Thanks for the explanation re sandostatin.

It can be very frustrating for those of us who are medically somewhat savvy to deal with friends and relatives who don't ask questions or remember the answers. Unfortunately, we have to respect them as adults and hope that if they do in fact want our help they will ask. I went through this with a cousin who had lung cancer, and who didn't know what chemo she was on, whether or not they were giving her IV anti-nausea medications, etc. In the final analysis, we don't have control over everything even if it relates to ourselves, so sometimes we have to let go and pray. But, believe me, I do know how hard that can be!

Do you know that I still remember exactly where I was when I heard that Elvis died? I was on the Ventura Freeway(eastbound) and I had to pull over to the side of the road to get a grip. I wasn't even that big a fan of him in his later years, but it felt like the end of an era, and it was so sad that someone who had such amazing talent ended up the way he did.


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