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His acid reflux has not been a issue for him in a year or so. It used to be really bad. When the dr did the scope he even commented that he saw nothing to cause the weight loss. He did biopsy for Barrett's but the area was healed/scar tissue. When he was really sick on Thurs after his colonoscopy, I called them. I asked about doing the test where you swallow the camara pill. They said to mention it at his appt in 2 weeks with the dr but any abnormalities with the small intestines would of shown up on the ct scan.

Stress can cause this, but this is NOT stress. He is under less stress now and the last few yrs than he had been previously. He may have a good day and start to second guess himself that there is a problem. When the nausea comes back he just says "I'm not crazy, there is a problem." This is exactly how the dr's had my mom feeling 20yrs ago. She finally checked herself into a eating disorder unit because that was all the dr's would tell her. She wasn't there a hr before those dr's felt a tumor and transfered her one floor up to the cancer floor. He may not have cancer, but I wont stop pressing the dr's till I get a CORRECT diagnosis.

This new dr took alot of blood. Hoping these latest test will show something or give them a starting point.


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