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About 1 week ago I started to feel localized intence burning pain in my lower leg muscle. It felt like a bruise or burn but I did not injure this area. About 5 days ago a lump appeared in the pain spot and grew quickly. It is no ~2cm in diameter and continues to grow. Have gone to 3 GP's who say it is either a cyst, abscess, or lipoma. No way it could be cancer they say. Well thanks to a history of very poor diagnosis and treatment by GPs I do not trust them to put it lightly. So I went to emerg and they did a needle aspiration to check for infection. No liquid came out. They said monitor for 1-2 days if it increases in size come back.

Two days ago I found a second lump in the same leg and it is also growing fast.

So questions,

Can cysts, abcess, or lipoma grow this fast (5 days)??
Can soft tissue sarcoma grow this fast??

What else could it be??

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