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Lipoma in brain
Apr 6, 2007
about 7 months ago, i recieved an MRI because of frequent migraine headaches. i thought nothing of it until my doctor called to tell me that they had found a mass in the center of my brain, in the area where my cerebral spinal fluid flows into my head. she said to her, it looked like a lipoma, a fatty non-cancerous tumor, but she wanted me to see a neurologist anyway, "just to be safe." well thats what it turned out to be, just a fatty tumor. the neurologist said that since it wasnt pushing on any part of my brain and it wasnt blocking my spinal fluid that it would be close to malpractice to take it out. he also said that this was not the cause of my migraine headaches. so i forgot about it.
but, about 2 months ago, i started to gag almost 40 times a day and vomit small amounts of fluid about 4 times a day. i went to see my doctor and she could only determine that i had a slight fever, (99.9). she is now sending me to get blood work and a new MRI to see if the lipoma has grown.
is it possible that the lipoma has grown and that it is causing these symptoms, even though i am not having any headaches, which would indicate that the tumor has grown?

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