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Very Bizarre
May 29, 2007
Hello Healthboards,

First, a little background information: i am a 16 year old male, and fortunately, my past medical history has been very uneventful. i have never had to go to the hospital, and there have been very few occasions where i have seen a doctor besides my family pediatrician. I am also in fairly good shape. In addition, i began puberty at about the age of 13.

Shortly after my 14th birthday, i began to feel minor pain directly under my left nipple. I only felt the pain when pressure was put on that area- ex. when lying in bed on my stomach.

Approximately 6 months after i began feeling the pain, a lump started growing in this area (directly under my left nipple). The lump continued to grow for about another 4-6 months and is currently about 4.5 cm in diameter.

Also, about 7 months ago i discovered a lump (it's not really a lump- more like an abnormal cluster of veins- it's hard to describe) directly above/on my left testicle.

In addition, i have noticed the appearance of several blood vessels in my left eye that are not present in my right eye. They are located towards the bottom of my eye (south of my pupil) in the white area. It almost looks as if my left eye is "cut."

Also, i have experienced very minor pain in the lower left area of my head (my cerebellum i guess?).

In conclusion, i have experienced these symptoms/problems for nearly 2.5 years. I have also have had routine yearly physicals. Surprisingly the doctor has never noticed any of these symptoms including the mass under my left nipple. Because of fear and stupidity, i have never told ANYONE about these problems. I cannot seem to gather the courage to tell anyone. Could this be anything besides cancer? or am i doomed? Please share your thoughts.


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