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Re: Gross hematuria
Aug 12, 2007
[QUOTE=christa6;3151725]My mother, age 61, has been experiencing gross hematuria off and on for the past two weeks (unremarkable health history, except for cholesteral meds/managing early diabetes). After the initial episode, she went to the ER. They did a urinalysis and CAT scan. Found nothing, gave her Cipro. Four days later she was feeling ill, went to her internist. Second urinalysis showed no infection, blood in urine (which she knew). They couldn't fit her in for a cystoscopy until next Wednesday. She doesn't have any other symptoms except for slight pressure in pelvic area. She did have flank pain off and on for over a year.

Is it possible that this is something other than cancer? If it is cancer, how long after the cystoscopy will we know something?


Could still be a urinary tract infection...sometimes they don't show up on a regular urinalysis, and a culture must be done.

If it's cancer, especially if it's bladder cancer, they would probably be able to tell right away from a cystoscopy, although if she's having it done in-office, she'd then have to go in hospital under anesthesia to have whatever it is removed and staged.

Some bladder cancers can cause a lot of bleeding even in the earliest stages, but still be highly curable through simple removal (often referred to as a TURBT, which stands for trans-urethral resection of bladder tumor). The tumor would then be analyzed and staged and graded. While bladder cancer does have a fairly high rate of recurrence, if caught in the early stages it can often be cured, and all that is needed after that is close follow-up.

Another thing they can do during cystoscopy is urine cytology and a FISH test (also on urine). These two tests can show if there are any cancerous cells floating around, but it takes about 7-10 days to get results. The FISH test is particularly sensitive and can show if there are even a few cancerous cells. This can then alert the doctor that frequent cystoscopies (every 3-6 months) need to be done to catch any tumors at the early stages.

At this point, it sounds as if your mother is getting quite good care, seeing as how they've already scheduled her for a cystoscopy. Many doctors wait way too long to check out bleeding in the urine. Insist that when they do the cystoscopy, they also do urine cytology and a FISH test.

Oh, by the way...could be she was feeling ill from the Cipro, as most antibiotics have some side effects including nausea or queasiness, etc.

If nothing shows up on these other tests and she's still bleeding, some other things to check would be the kidneys (via a CT), and insist that they do a urine CULTURE, not just a spot-check for bacteria.


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