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The EXACT same thing just happened to me. I had lymph nodes removed on the left side of my groin on the 17th of August. I did not experience the extent of pain, etc. going down my leg, nor did I have to keep it elevated, but I now have a painful lump about the size of a large walnut or very large pecan right under the incision site where they removed the lymph nodes. It is very sore. I am a fairly thin person and this lump is clearly visible just to look at the site, it is very firm and hard to the touch. My leg below the site is sore and feels much like a bruise. The good news is my pathology was clear. I am guessing this is scar tissue of some kind, but am going to call my surgeon's office tomorrow.
Hello Maleahgc

So glad to hear that the biopsy was clear. Godd news, indeed, Friend.

Ummm.. that lump below the incision. I think it is a little early for scar tissue to be a painful amount yet. It well may be an accumulation of fluid from the trauma of the surgery to the site. After the removal of half my thigh because of cancer, I had a lot of pain below the bottom most part of the incision. It was definitely swollen and the whole area was hard to the touch...looked and felt like an overstuffed sausage. It was fluid and it was because of the surgery... lymph nodes were taken a well as muscle during surgery and because of the missing lymph nodes, the swelling fluids had a difficult time passing through to drain out through the remaining lymph system there. I still have issues with lymphedema swelling over ten years later!

I think that you will not have as much problem once the fluids are able to finally drain away. I would try and keep the area iced and elevated to help the process along. And yes, I would definiately let the surgeon check it out on the chance that an infection had cropped up at the surgical site.

Let us all know.

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