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I just got back from the Dr. and I am worried and not sure what to make of my symptoms maybe someone here will have an idea of what this could be or let me know if my worry is valid. Lumps have started growing all over my body. The first one appeared about 8 years ago on my left forearm. It was slow growing and I was told it was a lipoma. It was soft and squishy so i didnt worry. Then a few years later another one showed up on my spine and one on my right shoulder. They were bothering me so I had them removed and was told they were lipomas. Within a week or 2 I had another one grow where the last one was removed. It wasnt hurting me so I assumed it must be another lipoma. Well in the last month or so I have noticed them popping up all over my body. And last saturday the lump on my shoulder had at least doubled or possibly more in size and was red on the skin above. I went to the ER and they lanced it and told it was not an infection but a lump I must have surgicaly removed. When I went to the Dr to have the stitch removed and a referral to a surgeon she was curious about the other lumps I had. We counted and I have 5 on my right arm, 3 on my left, 2 on my left leg and one of them the skin is sunk in around, 2 on my stomach, and 3 on my back one of them next to my spine. They are all different sizes and and the lumps on my back are very hard almost like bone and one feels like "two" lumps put together. Over the years it seems I have gotten alot of health problems and have been treated for them all seperate. I have night sweats, stomach pain and indigestion, narcolepsy with fibromylagia, arthritis, chronic anemia, slightly elevated ESR, protien in my urine, muscle spasms, nerve pain so many problems I cant even think of them all to be honest. But my concern is maybe these things are all symptoms of one "big" problem. My Dr says she has never seen anything like this and has no clue what these lumps are, she said she was concerned and also thinking my symptoms could all be related. She is referring me to a dermatologist. I am scared. Scared doesnt even describe how I am feeling. I am only 28. HELP!

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