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Hi Mel

Thanks very much for your reply - I'm having an ultrasound tomnorrow so hopefully that will shed some light on things.

As regards to the blood work - I said to the doctor that I didn't think there was a test that could determine cancer and he said that whilst that is true, if I did have some kind of cancer there was a 90% certainty that something would show up in the ESR and CRP test (even though it would of course not tell us which type of cancer or where) Is this logic completely flawed then do you (or anyone) think?

Thanks again for your reply.
a blood test does not detect cancers. you had several blood tests during chemo because chemo kills the bad cells in your body but it also kills the good, that is why you always needed blood tests to see where your cell counts were before they proceeded with the nest treatment. when you're doing chemo your white cells go down drastically and sometimes they have to wait for your counts to go back up before they administer the next treatment. your oncologist will probably take a blood test to see if everything is ok and again depending on what cancer you had. if a patient has leukemia for example it would probably show a really high white blood count, though again it would have to be confirmed by many other tests, most likely bone marrow transplant.
if only it were that simple!

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