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Lump under jawline
Dec 12, 2008
On the second to last week of November I was feeling around on my jawline and felt a small lump on the right side of my jaw. A week later I woke up with an earache and went to the dr. he told me that I had strep throat and for that reason was starting to get an earrache. I mentioned the lump I felt and he said that it was probably that my lymph nodes were swollen because of the infection and that it would go away once I finished my amoxicillin. I finished my medication which was for 10 days and noticed that not only was the lymph node not gone but now I feel two bumps. They are basically side by side-even feel like they are kind of joined. My next step that Friday was to visit an ENT dr. He felt under my throat and said that there was nothing to worry about but i do not think he felt the bumps that I am referring to since you have to dig into the right side of my jawline in order to feel it. I decided to stop feeling my lymph nodes for a few days and when i touched them again they seem to be bigger. I am worried because they do not hurt and move around and are easier to find when I bend my head down. My grandfather died of some sort of throat cancer when I was young and my grandmother passed of breast cancer. Any advise would be appreciated. P.S. I am 28 years old
Well, no one can diagnose you over the internet, but I can tell you that most people can easily feel a couple of lymph nodes under their jaw even if they're not swollen.

I suspect that what happened was that your first doctor was correct, and your lymph nodes were swollen due to the infection, which is why you first noticed them. Now they are probably back to normal. But as I said, even normal, most people can still feel those lymph nodes if they really press under there.


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