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Do I have Cancer?
Jan 3, 2009
Im a 20 year old male. Generally healthy before this issue.

I was a smoker for about 5 months.
I had somthing in my throat, feeling the need to clear my throat. this was going on for a month when i got a number of respiratory symptoms, including shortness of breath and chest pressure. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed upper respiratory virus that had caused a pneumonia as well. I took 3 weeks of antibiotics, plus another when i took the wrong type by mistake.

After this time my breathing got a lot better but i started getting the same anoying thing in my throat and also i felt something tight when i breated in. Plus some digestive symptoms, diarea, nausea, bloatin abdominal pain, green stools. I was told by the doc my gastro-intestinal flora was severly damaged by antibiotics and a pretty large number of candida albicans colonies were found in my throat and sputum. I got treated for 2-3 weeks for those things and they got better. But then I got some more abdominal pains and weird bowel habbits, and now for the last 5 days, semi-permanent nausea and acid reflux. Moreover i get the throat symptoms again. So its been about 3 months and im still sick im very woried.

In this whole period i've been extremely worried that i have a serious illness,e specially cancer. I was extremely agitated and havent done much of anything. I feel horibly tired and my muscles and joins ache, i feel i cant do anything. I also feel terinbly light headed and dizzy. I have felt this genereal ailments for the past 1-2 months.

I really cannot tell if this is anxiety or if this is a serious illness. I am very afraid I have advanced cancer or throat cancer or something like that. My doc and my family really dont take me seriously and think im just depressed and a hypocondriac. I dunno what to do.

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