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does cancer show in blood work
Unfortunately, not necessarily. First of all, there are hundreds of different types of cancer, and there is no one test that screens for all of them. Second, for many of them there is no blood test at all. There are a few blood tests, such as the PSA for prostate cancer or the CA125 for breast cancer, but the CA125 is not done routinely and the PSA produces many false positives.

Sometimes in routine blood work, such as a CBC (complete blood count) and a chem profile, if something is out of whack it may indicate a problem, which can then be followed up with further testing. However, just because a particular test is out of whack does not necessarily indicate cancer. For example, elevated Bun and creatinine levels can indicate a kidney problem, but that could be caused by a variety of things that are not cancer.

So the short answer is...maybe!

most cancers don't show in your blood work.
there are so man y different types of cancers with different types of signs and symptoms. they are all diagnosed by different ways, primarily biopsies.
a lot of times symptoms of cancer mimic other diseases, not always so easy to diagnose.
if only a simple blood test can diagnose this dreadful disease, so many of our loved one's would still be with us today.

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