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Hi Ma, sorry you are going through this. Do you know what stage she is at? With my father, he was very late stage-he passed 2 1/2 months later as it had spread to bones and liver by the time it was dx'd. You will see a lot of phases and everyone is a bit different. My father was already very weak when he was diagnosed and hardly walking--he was only 72 at the time. His journey went from being weak, to having major bathroom issues (having to go non stop right after he would eat), some gas pains (thankfully not a ton and his pain pills did help). As it progressed he slept more, became more disconnected, ate less, started to see things that were not there etc... I was never sure when to think it was the end, but when that time came close he was hiccuping a lot of bile, sleeping more than 20 hrs per day, barely eating and then in the end it was labored breathing etc....

Has hospice filled you in on what to expect? They did give us a piece of advise hrs before he passed that was very helpful in terms of what liver and stomach cancer patients experience right before death. Thankfully they warned us as it could have been very much more overwhelming for us otherwise.

Again, I am sorry you are going through this. I know how difficult this is. All you can do is be there, share your love and make more memories......

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