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hi i know alot of people are saying almost the same thing but i am going nuts waiting for the doctors. my symptoms are hard and rubbery lymph nodes in my neck,behind my ears,on the back of my skull,around my eyes but on the skull,armpits,chest,groin,ribs and under them,back of my upper legs and arms,and above collar bones. i have a cough, fatigue,achs,pain in my stomach/abdomin, ive lost 11 pounds unintentially,im always not hungry,and ive been waking up with nightsweats, low grade fever.
i saw my doctor a month and a halfago when i noticed the first lump and ever since then they have been growing and spreading,all my doctor has done is a few blood tests that came back negative, i saw a ear nose and throat doctor that said he cant do anything unless they get to 2in. and he said i have tmj and i went back to my regular doctor and he had me have a ct scan with contrast 2 days ago and i still havent gotten the results. my grandpa died of esophagecal cancer my grandma had lung and sqaumish cancer my aunt dawn died of breast just curious if anyone else had these problems and found out what is wrong.....i have a 15 month old son and a 3 month old daughter i dont want to find out i have cancer im just so worried though so good news would be good. o yeah and the doctor said i have lumps in my breasts but he said i dont have to worry about them...please someone respond any advice would be nice.. well i just got my catscan results earlier the doctor said it was normal other than i have fluid in my ovaries and he said that i should go see a gi doctor but i cant get in untill october 18th i feel so frustrated because every day im getting more and more hard lumps...someone please help.

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