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Hello Everyone,
I am a 19y/o male.
For the last 3 months, iv have swollen lymph nodes in my neck. One of the lymph nodes is on the left side, right under my jaw. It is 3cm big based on an ultrasound test. It is not VERY hard. It is movable. And it is not painful at all. My right side has two small swollen lymph nodes. I would say about 1.5cm. Before it wasn't palpable, but since a month ago it is. The lymph node above my left collarbone is also a little swollen. It is much softer than the lymph node under my left jaw.
I got a bunch of tests done.
CBC showed normal results.
Ultra sound only showed my lymph node.
HIV test shows negative.
ESR test normal at 14mm/hr. (BTW normal is 1-15mm/hr, so I am assuming it is normal)
3 days ago, ENT doc put me on antibiotics, azithromycin. but it hasn't made a difference... yet.

I have had random muscle twitches throughout my body. Not very often. Maybe a couple times a day. Could just be my anxiety of this damn swollen lymph node.
Sometimes i get random pain on my bottom left and right rib. Its not unbearable. Its just a little pain. Don't know if that is related or not.

Other than that, i have NONE other symptoms.

My left lymph node, under my jaw, changes in size through the day. Usually pretty small early in the morning, gets larger through the day, and gets smalled again in the night before bed.

If someone has any insights on this, please let me know.
I have been stressing a LOT over this. I can hardly focus on my studies and job with so much stress.

Thank you for talking your time to read this.

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