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:bouncing: I was diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer (stage three) at age 37.
Lifting heavy materials one day I felt gassy and figured id let one go (pass gas) perfect timing nobody around. Proceeded then stopped abruptly, thought I had the squirts. Went to the washroom and let er rip. Filled the toilet with blood (bright blood). Went home and immediately went to sleep in my chair (shock). When my wife woke me up I went to the washroom and bled again. I was hoping it was just a bad dream. went to the hospital and waited in E.R. for 15 hours before i saw a doc. by then the bleeding had stopped and he couldn't tell me much (internal hernia). Three weeks later it happend again lifting a BBQ. Went to walkin clinic. Doc wasn't sure but refered me to a good specialist who could perform a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy doc booked surgery two weeks later (resection). During surgery they noticed two nodes were broken thats when the fun began:dizzy:
Oncology stepped in and i was informed its in my best interest to have chemo and radiation to stop any spreading of cancer to my other organs. because of my age they are going to be very aggresive. (in my head that sounds like guine pig)
The company i worked for for the last ten years had no benefits so I had to apply everywhere for any support. Here's the kicker. I recently had a baby boy.
Everything in my life seamed to be crashing down around me. (or so I felt) I let my boss in on it and in my opinion it seemed to me he was more concernd about who was going to take my place while i was off work for treatment. Not looking for sympathy from him but it would have been nice to here something posative.(can we help in any way, or if you need anything don't hesitate to call etc... after all I was with him since the beginning of his company and I ran his jobs)
Sorry i'll be more to the point.
I went for the pre chemo meetings and tours at the hospital, Other people were there doing there treatments and it wasn't the dark environment I had pictured in my head.
I had a pic line (permanant I V line 21 inches inside my body)installed in my right arm for the duration of the treatment. the proceedure was nothing for this. In and out in a half hour.
For the first few cycles of chemo was easy very slight side effects.( tingleing of the skin, sensative to cold, little nausea)
VERRY IMPORTANT! never forget to take your pills before and during chemo and drink LOTS of water.
My radiation started after the christmas holiday in which I had a pouch with permanent chemo pumping 24/7" HAPPY NEW YEAR"
This was the worst time of the treatment for me.
I was going # two quite frequently since surgery but now with the chemo and radiation together I was going to the toilette about 20 to 30 times a day and it burned. I lost 30 lbs in that month. I switched from drinking just water for my fluid intake to water and gatoraid. (with electrolights)
I had creams for my butt(Zincofax)and I was taking immodium to slow myself down. For the pain I had RATIO-OXYCOCET(oxycodone hcl/ac/325). Two pills every four to six hours.On top of the pain and washroom I felt like I had the flu.
Because of the line in my arm, whenever I got a feaver of 38 celcius(a little above normal body temp) I had to go to E.R.because I could go into septic shock(never happend to me but I was told to go when ever that happend)(lots of uncomfortable nights)and hospital parking fees.
When the radiation treatments finished, eventually, things started to slow down but the burning continued for a while longer.
I finished my chemo cycles and got rid of most of the side effects that I'm aware of.(it took close to 8 months after)
I still how ever go to the washroom at least 5 times a day normally and bouts of 8-14. Still have some discomfort from day to day . I can work and lift like normal. I still take oxy when I need it(about one a day)
Weaning myself off. I do feal 90% better then when I started and it will be two years in sept. since it all began. Doc says it could take up to 5 yrs to be completely healed. Ive just recently finished CT scan and am cancer free (knock on wood) so far. Have to do colonoscopies and bloodwork and ct scans once in a while just to keep monitoring it.
I can sleep beside and play with my boy who is now two and loving every miniute. I won't take many things for granted anymore and have had a wake up call. It was a tough go but it is very possible to complete.
Finacially I was tapped and still recovering. The cancer charity helped out what they could and there are support programs out there your not alone. Don't give up the fight.
I also want to encorage the friends of cancer recipients to stick it out. its emotionaly tasking and trying at times but worth it for those you love.(chin up your doin fine)I couldn't have done it without my wifes support. There's a lot of embarassing moments.And for those who are or will be doing chemo try to take it easy on your family and friends its tough.
good luck and I hope my story helps in any way.
If you have any questions feal free.
To quote " Its a Wonderfull Life"
" No man is a failure who has friends "
Although it should be "no one is a failure who has friends"

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