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I have a lot of symptoms. 2008 it was discovered a low ejection rate on gallbladder, I kept it and I managed just fine. Following a Jamaican vacation in 2010, (25th wedding anniversary) First it began with bad digestion, sticky foul stools, bad gas, yeast. In 2011, I went from doctor to doctor with pain over the carotid arteries and upper right quadrant pain. Waves of pain started at the carotid and shoot upwards into the skull and behind the ear. that winter I had a mysterious 3 day swelling of my right sublingular gland (if that is what is called right under my right chin, I think its a salvitory gland with white peeling stuff in mouth too 12 months). When I have the carotid artery pain the whole episode includes nausea and dizzy. I feel like something is attacking the base of my skull. Doctors don't like you telling them too many symptoms so general practioners send me on my way offering anti depressant. I would never take them. I am not depressed. Sometimes I can spike a little fever that comes and goes. FAst forward NOW 2013--- I have a wise old Dr. now who I love! He is overseeing this now. He is focused in on the blood in urine issue right now. Today's symptoms are Upper right quadrant pain. Comes and goes, its at night when lying down. I have bladder discomfort at night. When I sit up at night, my anal area feel full with pressure but not needing to go. I have a ca125 level at 41. I had a mysterious 4 cm fluid filled mass appear in an ultra sound at the gyno. in June this year, but it could not be found on a CT scan 2 weeks later. I was told all organs looked good in July as part of CT scan report. I have a lemon sized fibroid and an walnut sized right ovary cyst. That cyst never goes away, I guess. The ovary is out of place in the Douglas pouch. [U]I do not feel I have gotten enough like of a feeling of warning from my gyno at all on this.[/[/U]B][/B] I been now hit with bladder issues, and kidney stone type pain. Blood in my urine, the dr. cannot figure it out yet. A urine test (24 hour collection is due in this Friday). I see the doctor on Friday. I hope he will have the results for the urine testing. BOWELS: sometime constipated (if I do not take daily fiber) sometimes fluffy and looser, not diarrhea exactly. Constipated stool sinks, fiber stool float. Sometime there is a very slight amount of oil on surface of the toilet water. Last week, felt horrible, and had a little bit of green bm veining in stools. Grandmother died of pancreatic cancer. Sister had stage 3 grade 3 uterine cancer (at Mayo they said it was a rare one and not genetic). The CT scan did not show anything that looked like cancer I guess anywhere. I was set for a high contrast dye MRI of pancreas, but with the current unknowns about the blood in urine, I had to say no for now. I do have a surgery set for Dec 30th 2013. To take out the right ovary and the fibroid. But I am not sure. The most current painful symptom is the upper right quadrant pain that happens mostly when lying down. All night I cannot sleep do to the discomfort. The pain is sometimes very sharp at the right far tip of liver radiating down to the cecum. The discomfort at night is under the breast to the bottom of rib cage both front and back on right. Very uncomfortable to lay on the right side. Remember al the tested shows, normal sized clean organs. This is causing a delay in diagnosis. I have spinal stenosis, C5-C6 with mild narrowing of spinal canal and the right forminal arm of C5. I had two bouts in November in which I wake up with a totally numb neck. I have been refused appointments to Mayo clinic. I do not understand how anyone gets in there, or how any one gets a faster diagnosis. I am so frustrated with this process. I often tell my spouse I feel like an organ is dying in the upper right quadrant. I cannot seem to get any specialist to look at the whole picture. I have seen a gastroenterologist too. Advice please! Should I get the high contrast dye MRI of abdomen? I already had the high contrast CT scan in July and kidneys are battered. Oh I also have leg edema too. Should I keep the surgery appointment Dec 30? Thanks for listening, and for replies in advance! God bless you!

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