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I am a 21 year old male, For the last two months i have been getting tested for cancer due to having multiple swollen lymph nodes measuring over 1cm in diameter throughout my body which are all painless and hyperechoic in nature.

It was after the first 4 weeks that pretty much all types of infection had been ruled out, and no infection was shown to be present in my blood on blood testing which could have been causing the swollen nodes.

it was recommended that the largest lymph node be removed for biopsy to test for Lymphoma, the tests came back benign meaning not lymphoma causing the swollen nodes (among other things.)

So the next stage of testing is for Leukemia but the thing that has me worried is before my doctor will recommend the bone marrow biopsy she has ordered tests for AIDS among other things like toxoplasmosis and tuberculosis.

Would things like these not show up on the some 24 or so vials of blood they have already taken in the past 2 months?

Basically i am asking if i should be worried about the HIV test at all, i have not had sex in a year and i have never not used protection so it has never been even a passing thought in my mind.

The thing that worries me is that i have half of the symptoms for aids, but then admittedly i have half the symptoms for about 3000 different diseases.
My symptoms are:
- loss of appetite
- persistent fatigue
- weight loss (over 20kg this year, down to 55kg weighed at the doctor yesterday, i am 5ft9 btw i should be 75.)
- Drenching night sweats
- Itchy skin
- tender gums (bleed every time i brush)
- feeling cold, often unable to keep warm, even in jackets i tend to freeze.
- shortness of breath (though i was a smoker for 5 years until new years last year)
- easily bruised (I am very pale too though so thats expected)
aching joints, i noticed this when riding my motorbike, after half an hour my knees lock up and when i stretch them it causes quite a bit of pain for about 5 minutes until they free back up.
- feeling dizzy.
- Enlarged lymph nodes in neck, armpits and groin.
- Iron anemia
- Vitamin d deficiency (I am an Australian btw, im in the sun a lot.)
- One of my weirder symptoms i can only describe as cold bones.
Sometimes it almost feels as if there is an ice pack wrapped around the bone inside say my legs even though all around it is warm. very strange feeling.

It sounds like Leukemia right?
And i need to know... how much do the bone marrow biopsies hurt lol, i have heard it is a 6/10 on the pain scale and a 16/10 on the strange scale.
Either way i will be getting a bone marrow biopsy done after these blood tests they are out of all other options for finding the cause.

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